Sunday, October 28, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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I'd rather push a bucket then take trimet ever again in my life
Hey , Max car has leaking windows...

it's the rain's fault in Portland that trains get delayed from switches that are entitled to dry weather.  

Trimet: still a shit show. Trains coming 11 minutes early. Real cool. 

Ok. Looks like the bell cords and stop requested sign on this bus don't work at all. Bus 1833 if you care,

It's raining inside the bus! There are so many leaks that water just steadily drips into the bus on the right side. Bus 1833  

That’s the nicest thing I’ve seen a Trimet driver do in a long time.

Ah we meet again. 

This should be the subject of a PSA on the side of a Trimet bus.

at stop 143 this morning at 0655 bus didn't stop. Thanks Trimet. Number 9. Thanks. 

Stay classy @ TriMet NE 7th Ave MAX Station

streetcar driver waiting for me made my day.  

, the only time when Obama, Caesar, The Joker, and a witch hang out on together. 

Trimet really does owe me some free rides. The things that be going on is too much 

I wish trimet ran later on Saturdays. 

so at least there aren't many riders on to experience your wonderful fragrance! 

I smell like wet horse. Now it's time to ride ! Sorry bus people! 

Fuck you trimet. 

You're making it really hard to pay you. 

Machines at Lloyd Center aren't taking my card still and now aren't taking cash either. And still no response to cust service email! 

I wish Trimet was actually on time. 

Typical zombies on the streetcar. @ Union Station Foot Bridge

I'd rather push a bucket then take trimet ever again in my life

Yo bus #2823 just forced its way into our lane and nearly ran us into oncoming traffic. Real cool 


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