Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Dammit, TriMet transit tracker... you've screwed me yet again!
superb line 23 driver with Halloween superbus is bus number 2555 train number 2236. Give this guy a medal. 

line 23 driver also lined every seat with these.  

Smooth, event free commute today. Did I mention I drove to work? No !! 

2 wks in a row, stuck on the bus waiting for Broadway bridge on Wed. Think class will believe it?  

Just accidently broke a second trimet fare machine this year  

Finally some one checked my trimet ticket!!! 

here comes a train! Delays for Southbound green and yellow because of rain maybe? 

is there a problem with the yellow or green line? Been waiting for a Southbound train at pioneer place for a while... 

. adding K-9 units to Max patrols. Great, more lifeforms that aren't afraid to toilet on public transport.  

Wow seriously fuck trimet

Score! The trimet bus driver gave me a big twix  

The problem w living in sellwood - it takes me over an hour to get to work using trimet. Time to start driving and saving 1.5 hours each day 

you need some trains on the west side. Service pathetic this morning. 

That machine hasn't accepted cards for weeks. There's no way TriMet doesn't know about it. I wouldn't have felt bad about not paying today. 

Yay! Missed the train because of a broken ticket machine and one that uses the world's slowest dot matrix printer. Go

. How much would fares have to go up to provide MAX operators who don't hate the riders and keep trying to kill us? 

that sucks. I really dig Trimet, it's helpful, but it sucks sometimes. 

There is a full-on bright-blue, no-shit Smurf on my train. Cap, shoes, everything. I expressed my awe and admiration.  

should tell your drivers to not have the ”garage” sign on but still be making stops. It's confusing, made me to miss my bus tonight 

Probably going to be alone on Halloween 'cause the trimet schedule in Beaverton is lame as fuck. I need a car. 

The Barbur TC "drainage" project is working so well, there's at least a foot of accumulated water in the big hole NOT draining...

Nothing like the sweet smell of urine on the bus right before dinner. Oh crap, am I going to get banned now? Teh horror!

this fucking transit police car is going slower than the max  

It's super fun when the 4 bus blows by 9 people standing at a stop and the sign does NOT say "Drop Off Only" 

Skin lesions and all man.. Some people are just fucking tight. He made my day.  

The windows are open on the bus and it's raining a little. Why, trimet, why? 

Dammit, TriMet transit tracker... you've screwed me yet again! 

Only selling day passes in packs of 5 at grocery stores is inconvenient and expensive. It makes me never want to ride the bus again. 

How about I start only paying Trimet when it arrives, oh, within twenty minutes of posted arrival? I'd be rich!  

Jst got on trimet. Some black dude stared at me and his gf just socked him in the faceee!!! Portland your ghetto!!

Yo, TriMet is going to make a KILLING on farejumpers at the Rose Garden tonight. This is free money the way they got it set up 

Trimet cops aren't even real cops.. The fuck 

bus 1609 in the front sounds like it has an air leak. And the engine sounds terrible  

why isn't there a place to sit and wait for a bus out of the rain at Hillsboro TC? All seating is open to rain. 

driver - please stop swerving and driving so fast. If you hit the passenger before they get on the bus, it doesn't count. 


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