Friday, October 26, 2012

Interesting Twitter conversation with George Lamar about CTRAN

He on  claims that Trimet has shorted CTRAN when they had a fare reciprocity agreement
(read from bottom up, I tried to keep tweets in order but its hard copying conversations from Twitter)

they might figure out a way to turn TRIMET into BI-STATE or something like that....they might absorb the entire CTRAN 

I'm sure u know theyve got recipricosity agmt re fares. Kid u not C-tran just figured out last yr that Trimet was shorting them 

hahaha...really..y doesnt that surprise me? these trimet execs are slippery-been following them for years 

C-tran came to find out Trimet was doing a "guestimate" of C-tran passes/transfers. 

The idiots c-tran shared that in public meetings. 

I went to 1 of the public mtgs and asked them-do u honestly believe Trimet will let u call the shots once train crosses river. 

If it passes & they ever do get light rail in Couv Trimet will chew up & spit out C-tran. 

they can't be that stupid can they?

The chair looked me in the eye w/a straight face and said "Trimet has assured us that we'll be equal partners & given control" 

hahahaaaaaa..that IS funny!

Swear to God, they all said Yes. I literally laughed out loud. And they acted like I didn't know what I was talking about. 

I went to 1 of the public mtgs and asked them-do u honestly believe Trimet will let u call the shots once train crosses river. 

C-Tran mgmt and the board BOTH are that stupid! 

The board includes Mayors, council members from Camas, Battle Ground, etc.
lots of people see the pork being spread around Portland and obviously have a problem with light rail
The C-Tran board they played games with just who in Clark County will get chance to vote for it.
i'm not sure what your getting at but letting voters decide is NEVER A BAD THING
The problem is C-Tran's board has manipulated who gets to vote. That is a bad thing in my book.
if they are not paying for it then they should not have a vote-if they are, in any form, they SHOULD have a vote
As shocking as it may seem for a transit agency they would spend money irresponsibly. Then ask voters for more money.
of course the idiot portland planners ruined it by making it a streetcar in downtown pdx
The previous Vanc Mayor-Pollard I swear he was in office for 20 yrs. He tried to get rubber tired streetcars in dwntwn Vanc.
haha..Trimet would swallow them alive!
That's the other funny part. They actually believe Trimet will let them make decisions & run show on Couv side. Lol

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