Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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I'm so sick of riding trimet. I need to stop slacking and get my permit and license.

you never know what to expect when taking the triMet bus 

I'm so sick of riding trimet. I need to stop slacking and get my permit and license. 

#pdx#ibraf#sunset#webstagram#like# @ TriMet Sunset Transit Center

both ticket machines at Mall SW 5th Ave are broken. The one is dark & the other won't read credit cards. Couldn't get my ticket. 

Tomorrow I will intentionally use the dreaded trimet because READING, you guys! 

Fuck .  

And there's 9406 one minute behind 9404 

you need to take 9404 out of service that was nearly a collision, this is a full bus but you're damn lucky it isn't SRO

Dear bus driver - please ask to look at your breaks. As fun as it is to fall into peoples laps, I've found they don't want to cuddle 

9404 HARD STOP, NEARLY REAR-ENDED veh 17## bus making stop!!!! Within FIVE FEET 

construction fence blown into busway, buses driving over it @ Barbur TC - SAFETY HAZARD!! 

9404 drove off lane and into paved median/shoulder area to pass cars 99W @ I-5 NB 

Hurricane Sandy was on my train this morning.  

tr 9404 headsign "NOT IN SERVICE". What a way to encourage ridership by telling prospective riders that you won't serve them 

wtf you just made me transfer two #17 buses! one at the garage and one on the bus mall... wtf?!?! 

This, my friends, is a trimet fail. Happens far too often to me too.

ticket machines not working on main st and division

Honestly, idk why but I finally have the patience to put up with TRIMET 

why do some of the machines only accept cash even though all have card swipes? 

Neither ticket machine at SE Main on the green line is working! Me & several others called to report it.  

why is line 14 bus 2559 creeping into city ctr is their some sort of op I am not aware of & who's instruction? Belinda Jackson 

Trimet fail every time. Angsty people here, sick of waiting for late trains that never actually come.

I just sat in a wet trimet seat.  

Wow my bus just sat for 5 minutes past schedule so the driver could give his late friend a ride.

Someone on Reddit mad their Trimet driver stopped for coffee, says driver shouldn't be tired at 10am.Clearly he's never heard of 3am reports 

tr 1240 driver called me chunky? That's nice. Pay $100 for INfrequent bus service and I get called names? Geez! 10/29/12

don't hold up train to check fairs. It's 7pm and I want to get home already. Commuting takes long enough. 

Compelled to sing praises of line 16 operator (ID 1452) who went out of way to make sure my late self made it on. Genuine service! 

Jefferson Smith in the youth forum when asked about transit equity: "We don't have any."  

More trash. There are even trash cans here. Do people just hate their live @ TriMet N Lombard Transit Center

Multiple riders are RUNNING DOWN MAIN STREET to catch 9410!! Not on sidewalk IN THE STREET!!! Safety first????? Six riders! 

Listening to this TriMet bus driver complain about the changes TriMet has done since September 1st is awesome. 

I shouldn't have to stand on an inbound max train at willow ck during the pm rush hour  

I shouldn't have to stand on an inbound max train at willow ck during the pm rush hour  

Who says Tri-met's a non-profit? Small tweak to their trip planner algorithim and we'll all be walking!  

The trimet buses smell really bad  

Used trip planner to find shortest travel time of 14 minutes, 13 of which are walking. Plus ride a bus for one block. 

My thing is that it's a tad creepy to have your fare checked by an armed K9 unit. Doesn't make riding MAX seem safe. 

Totally. I ride a Red Line most am's and lots of tourists on way to PDX to get freaked out. Most assume it's a drug dog 

Careful there. We already decided that the FBI & CIA are following our twitter convo. ;-)  


It's amazing how entertaining a trimet bus ride can be.  

So fucking tired of just missing the 12 and then having to wait 20 min. Fucking bullshit  

Gotta love people acting a fool on the max. Now stopped, thanks for making me late to class asshole  

Trimet needs to have their own police department, like most major metropolitan mass transit services do. 

bus driver on bus 2908 on 56 line is great! Waited for me while I ran in the rain! Thanks 

So does the city,county or state own ? If not, how do you raise fares and use our tax dollar paid sheriff officers? 

This is great ..flat tired on the bus I'm going to be late to school  

I never noticed this face staring back at me on TriMet until today  

If added new buses on Powell, then why are they always full and always passing bus stops? Doesn't seem better to me. 

Fuck trimet

Having exact change, you'd think could for once, not ruin my day. But no. Not even 9am it's successful. 


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