Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Picture from Portland Transit Lane

Trimet fare inspectors demand that Lane Jensen stop recording a fare mission. (they have no authority to do that) 
Here we go again, FARE INSPECTORS, who's job is to inspect fares although many of them think they are police, have overstepped their bounds again by telling Lane that he cannot film their activity.
There is nothing in the Trimet code giving fare inspectors the right to cite someone for filming.  


Max said...

Maybe they'll get him for 28.15 (B) (1). Of course the remedy for this is to simply move off of TriMet property.

Use of District Transit System for Non-Transit Purposes: No person shall enter or remain
upon, occupy or use a District Station for purposes other than boarding, disembarking or
waiting for a District Vehicle, in an area where non-transit uses are prohibited by posted
signage. A person is in violation of this section only after having occupied a District Station
for a period of time that exceeds that which is reasonably necessary to wait for, board or
disembark a District Vehicle.

Al M said...

Is there SIGNAGE clearly visible from the spot he is standing?

That's the key to enforcement of that reg.

Unknown said...

The fact is, this is a management problem, then let management handle this problem. The problem that I see is that Lane has a problem with the company, then he should take his fight to the company.

Al M said...

Henry, both you and I know 'the company' as you refer to them, has no ethics, no scruples, and is at the heart of the rouge behavior.

When the management itself is rouge you better believe those employed in the agency will also be rouges.

Trimet accounts to no one. Only a court of law can compel the rouges to act, and even then we see the rouges don't budge (I give you labor relations as the clearest example)