Monday, October 22, 2012

I am now no longer a member of ATU 757

(e-mail sent to Bruce Hansen)
Dear Bruce-
In order to maintain complete independence of thought and speech I have found it necessary to withdraw from ATU757
Members can now stop calling me a 'traitor' since I am no longer affiliated with them.
I'm not happy with the performance of our union which is too busy fighting with itself and representing too many properties to give proper attention to Trimet members. I am not happy that our 'union' unilaterally gave away our right to strike without consulting and having a vote of the members. And I am not happy that the union will not negotiate with the company which allows the company to continue to violate the rights of union members. Get in that office and get a deal we can vote on! If it's a bad deal we  can vote it down. But to do nothing is worse! We the members have no say in our contract the way its set up now. What's the point of being a member in a union like that? It also appears to me that union members are happy with the way things are going so I really don't fit in any longer.

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Unknown said...

I love the video. People are just relized that "is" the policy of those who were in power before Bruce. Go figure that people would like to go back to the policies of Hunt and his cronies, I still cannot figure it out,that people are still talking about what was in the past and not what "we" can do in the future.