Tuesday, October 23, 2012


FACTS: Uniform was given to him, he wears it while filming buses/trains because he likes it 


Thank you. The facts that you described do not violate any local, state, or federal laws. It would be similar to a person walking around wearing a costume.


Busman-pdx said...

I think it is totally out of line for him to be in uniform filming around the streets. The general public most likely would not view it as a costume and he would be thought of as a representitive of the company. IMO, It is nothing more then vendetta against the company giving this person a uniform that many of us have worked our asses off to earn the right to wear, and it offends me deeply.

Al M said...

Sorry it offends you but he has a legal right to wear it.

It's about freedom under the US Constitution.

Al M said...

Oh and I DO NOT HAVE A VENDETTA against anyone.

I am actually surprised that so many people seem to care about the issue.

I never had any attachment at all to my uniform, especially when I worked there.

Lane is enjoying wearing it and so are some other acquaintances of mine and I am happy to let them have something that they will enjoy and that I will never use again.

Al M said...

And if you're getting information about me off Ellen's blog then you need to be aware that 1/2 of what she writes is totally false.

She's a very brilliant woman, writes very well and very good at spinning stories but most of it just isn't true.

She draws conclusions piecing together 'facts' that really are not true.

But I enjoy reading her blog as much as anybody. But nobody likes to be slandered, myself included.

She's made some outrageous claims about me over the past few years.

Maybe we can get past all that.

PDX Flash Alert NEWS said...

It might be legal for him to wear it but it's a bad idea. One of these days he's going to cross somebody and they're going to forget they work for Trimet. It might be illegal but that won't make him hurt any less.