Monday, October 22, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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I love getting on the green line to go home for the day only to have it magically become a yellow line after four stops. Thanks, !
Going to be late. Again. Fuck my life, and fuck trimet. 

bus 35 southbound from NoPo missed a bus this AM, following bus is packed and not even halfway to downtown yet  

Wow.. 10min late. is effing up bad this past month. Gon be piss if I'm late for class. t(-_-)t 

. MAX train 47, type 4 with NO heat or ANY HVAC. Windows are fogged and its FREEZING on here. 

Yellow MAX to downtown is 10 min late. Gonna miss my transfer at this rate.  

- why is service so sporadic right now? Train on Friday was 40 minutes late (yellow line to expo). Today late into downtown (yellow) 

problem with switches again. My hope that this week would return to normal was foolish. What's going on? Six work days in a row now! 

New route to different shop for a week, so its max and a bus, joy joy  

Trimet bus stalled at 10th (NB lanes)near Washington in Hillsboro- 

Looks like I'll be at least 10 min late today. 94 to Portland, you are so unpredictable!

. Tr 9402 left 4 minutes early from stop 8792 making me late. Don't bother with the cust svc email. I never get a reply. I'LL DRIVE. 

no, employees just don't care and are not accountable for their time,falling apart? No, needs to tighten up?Yes 

I overheard a leech downtown brag about never paying to ride then complain about how we lost Fareless Square. 

Lovely. I have to wait nearly half an hour for the next MAX in the cold, and on top of that, I'm sick. Thanks

And almost home. 40 minutes on the max line to go. @ TriMet Portland International Airport MAX Station

Is it me or are those ticket machines at the train stops not exactly reliable?  

On yet another stop and go MAX train. Why can't run on schedule this month? 

i really hate trimet.. 

. Bus 1749 is leakier than a secret at a high school. Repair or decommission this submarine 

Ayyyyeeee gunna be late to work again!! Thanks trimet!

Trimet #14. Fresh new bus. Blue pleather? naga? seats 

do people just sleep and live on the buses? 

Damn the new trimet buses are futuristic and shit. 

I wonder how many people are up at 6th/Montgomery waiting for a yellow that already went through disguised as green! fucking hard is it to switch a fucking SIGN.  

I love getting on the green line to go home for the day only to have it magically become a yellow line after four stops. Thanks,

Trimet is an instant dose of haterade

Avg late bus is 35 mins trimet Dispatch says use bathroom and stretch and keep going 

In the interior of the bus all along the ceiling dripping on passengers that were seated. The driver said quite a few buses leak. 

Still weird to be on and off the MAX before the overwhelming B.O. makes me cry.  

Keep your crystal meth conversations off of trimet and in your NA meetings 

brake failure on blue line at BTC. Massively shaking hard. Feels dangerous. Train full and not stopping. I got off in fear. 

315b sound like bad hub or breaks came loose  

This bus smells like the max :( I miss it :( 

Fat albert the tranny cop finest too busy making friends to do his job, hey neg! There's beggars and con artist over here bitch 

I called this morning to report it. It was a very uncomfortable ride for me! Now if I had gotten $100 per use I would b happy! :) 

It's funny how minutes seem to equal 2 or 3 real-life minutes, esp when it's cold, raining, windy, and always if all of the above. 

this driver is bout to get fired, haha. thats what you get for being a bitch. X) 

Bus 2219 on line 15(39) has a frozen overhead and thinks it is the 19. Don't worry, 15 riders, the driver knows.  

My bus just passed a lady in a duck sweatshirt trying to call for the stop. today was an ice cube day  

These Trimet People Ain't No Joke Writing 1000 Fines 

And the inbound yellow line has TWO EMPTY cars. Nice to know which customers are more important to (not NoPo or Vancouver!)  

Not the best day for the 70. Ghost bus this morning on 33rd, another no-show this eve in Lloyd Dist. Lots of us waiting... 

This, of course, was after waiting for it for 13 minutes. Reconsidering driving to work.  

5:30 on a Monday, and the NB yellow line is ONE CAR. Guess who couldn't get on?  

More rush hour delays? This isn't your quarter is it? 

followed by: "We give up. Get off our train so we can send it back across the river." (effectively what was said) 

Missing the debate no thanks to  

Apparently there is a train stopped in the tunnel at the zoo. I'm at the galleria stop and every stop between has a train parked. 

Oh joy. So the 1 day the bus is actually on time, it doesn't want to start at 5th/salmon for a few minutes. Thanks for the 1600s,  

Well, TriMet ate a dick today and the max line just quit for like 40 minutes. I'm missing whiskey, Pabst and the Bears.

Using trimet with this weather<<<

What a fucking shock, the max is having problems. Trimet can kiss my ass.  

Riding the CATA bus reminds me of my Trimet days.  

This graffiti just keeps getting better and better. My friendly neighborho @ TriMet SE Fuller Rd MAX Station

The frequency of bus lines in seems to lengthen in tandem with the temperature dropping. I imagine that's the way everywhere.


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