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From on on duty driver-safety first right?

I really hate when they trade your bus out for very different bus (2100s) that has different switches, different blind spots, different blinkers, differnt mic pedal, different steering on the fly. I really hate that.

another episode of NEILS BULLSHIT

From Willy Week

 Murmurs: Hose Flushing, Ghost Trains and a Nike Shocker

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has spent $3.8 million in the past year—that’s 19 percent of all parking-meter revenues—to clean up TriMet’s transit mall, pay off the mall’s debt, and create marketing campaigns to lure more shoppers downtown. The expenses included $331,000 for “hose flushing” the transit mall twice a week. City Auditor LaVonne Griffin-Valade revealed this finding in a Jan. 30 audit, which points to many pressing transportation needs and chides the City Council for launching new projects without money to pay for them. WW broke news of the audit three weeks ago (“A Fork in the Road,” WW, Jan. 9, 2013). One example: Mayor Sam Adams’ $16 million commitment to build sidewalks in neighborhoods that lack them. The audit says the city counted on gas-tax revenues that didn’t come in as projected—and then “opted to reduce other transportation programs in the adopted budget rather than reduce funding for these new capital commitments for sidewalks.”
  • Portland’s new eastside streetcar is earning the nickname “Ghost Train” for how few riders the line gets. The city is now seeking proposals to install automated passenger-counting systems in six of its streetcars, including the eastside Central Loop line and busier westside lines. The city currently pays TriMet to conduct a census of streetcar ridership, but it can’t afford to get stop-by-stop numbers. No word yet whether blogger Jack Bogdanski—who frequently documents eastside streetcars traveling empty—has put in a bid.

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

Seriously. Fuck this girl and her farting on the . We're in a moving box... STOP! Clench like the gods till you get off.

Meanwhile up in Vancouver

Washington initiative king Tim Eyman, 'birther' attorney team up to stop Vancouver light rail |


Disclaimer on previous post

The following statement  has been added to Trimet violates Lane Jensens civil rights

(NOTE: The driver in this altercation states that the union requested Lane follow and post drivers/managers addresses-the union never requested that Lane do that. The driver spoke incorrectly) 


Seen on Trimet max today

Discussion of twitter participants

This video has been edited at the request of twitter members and full names have been removed


Bruce Hansen taking the high road

Bruce Hansen with his 2 sons
The more I watch Bruce Hansen in charge of ATU 757 the more  I like the man.
I knew him from my days at Trimet.
He represented me well in several disputes with management.
And I knew the man possessed personal integrity, always a good thing.
He is not much of a public speaker, but there is a genuine quality to his presentation, he is believable.
He certainly does not come off as a 'union boss' but rather a nice honest guy.
Everything he has done so far has been 'high road' material, in contrast to Trimet's 'low road'.
And in contrast to former president Hunt, President Hansen in not in hiding.
He has issued numerous press releases, done interviews, and written editorials.
I don't think he could do much more than he is doing.
So far the extra dues we are paying is well worth it.
I think Bruce is representing us well. I continue to support him in his efforts to bring the facts to light in this ongoing dispute with Trimet


 Oregonian article is here
I am writing in response to The Oregonian editorial "Get rid of binding arbitration" (Jan. 20), which calls for the Legislature to repeal the law that bars transit workers from striking and mandates binding arbitration to settle disputes. It is difficult to understand why anyone would want a TriMet work stoppage given the snail's pace of this region's economic recovery and the harm it would bring to so many people. Binding arbitration prevents more than the loss of a "ride across town." A transit strike or lockout brings consequences.


Mcfarlane BS claims Trimet on the front lines of bus technology. Well we all know he is full of BS!


The Amalgamated Transit Union wants to set the record straight. For some time now, the Union has not commented on a TriMet misstatement of fact that the media has picked up and reprinted. That statement appeared again in TriMet’s Friday night press release. That release stated:

"Richest benefit package in the world'

By Bruce Peek
Hype from a viscious management regurgitated by the corporate mainstream media

It introduces the whole subject
of telling the truth about what claims and counterclaims management
has been making about our pay and benefits for the last three years.

But, and this is important I have not been successful in getting
Bruce Hansen and the ATU to follow up on the un-truth of managements
claims that our benefits are the ," most lucrative in the
transportation industry."

It's as if management is saying that our
operators have better benefits than Barack Obama and make more money
than Mitt Romney.

The truth of course is that while Seattle metro Bus
drivers make $30.21 per hour we make $26.76 per hour. That is a
difference in pay of 13.89 percent. The predictable reply of course
will be that well Seattle has a higher cost of living than Portland.

Well our reply should be while it is no doubt true that housing in
Seattle's posh Queen Anne neighborhood is perhaps more expensive than
trailer court rents in Felony Flats off of southeast 82nd in Portland,
Portland is the #3 real estate market in the nation and Seattle is
number 2.

The differences between Seattle and Portland while they do
exist certainly don't total 14% more costly for Seattle.

This is for Erik Halstead

This track maintenance train was parked along Columbia Blvd. yesterday across from Colwood Golf Course.I have never seen this type of locomotive before in Oregon.Where was it manufactured ?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Another deadly tour bus crash

 There have been so many of these over the past year. Transit drivers very rarely get in fatal accidents, it seems like every week we read about a deadly tour bus crash
California bus crash leaves eight dead | World news |

Bruce Peek debunks Trimet benefits propaganda

Light rail foes promise clash' of the titans'

The Columbian


Especially at Merlo garage where the management insists on keeping the low floors parked at the garage forcing operators to use the dinasours even on heavy use routes during the weekends

Neils Bullshit

What a crock of shit, if anything they have abandoned the poor for the choice riders

Video of Trimet propaganda event with clear sound

TriMet's Neil McFarlane speaks about new Gillig hybrid buses - YouTube

Erik Halstead makes some interesting comments regarding the latest boondoggle

The new PMLR bridge is only about 10%-15% of the cost of the overall project, if my memory serves me correctly, and will (hopefully) be beneficial to bus service (and ped/bike) as well. (If the Hawthorne were used instead--would you make the center lanes transit only, or run LRT in mixed traffic, like MAX used to do on the Steel long ago?)
Yes, I have the colors mixed up, but that's besides the point.
The new Willamette River Bridge is just one of many unnecessary bridges. There is the bridge over Harbor Drive. There is the bridge over Powell Boulevard. There is the bridge over the driveway to Union Pacific's Brooklyn Yard. There is the bridge over the ramp to Tacoma Street (and then the tracks have to dip under Tacoma Street). There is the Johnson Creek Bridge (probably the only unavoidable bridge).
MAX could have easily used the center lanes of the Hawthorne Bridge. Just like the Steel Bridge. Whether automobiles are allowed to use it...doesn't really matter either way.
MAX does not need a grade-separated crossing to UP's Brooklyn Yard. It did not need a grade-separated crossing of the Tacoma Street on-ramp/off-ramp. Yet those overpasses added millions in unnecessary cost.
But...God forbid we ask for TriMet to fund bus stops and there's no money. Just eliminating ONE of those unnecessary MAX bridges would pay for hundreds of improved bus stops (shelters, sidewalk enhancements, lighting, bus information signs, landscaping). Just ONE. And the FTA would pay for it the same.

Trimet would never pay a 'union' employee to do this-you can do it for free for them

TriMet: Adopt-A-Stop Program

If Neil Mcfarlane drove a bus this is what would happen


bus driver reading while driving in a snowstorm - YouTube

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trimet violates Lane Jensens civil rights

(NOTE: The driver in this altercation states that the union requested Lane follow and post drivers/managers addresses-the union never requested that Lane do that. The driver spoke incorrectly)

Union statement on working hours agreement

The transit workers’ union recently learned that some bus operators were not getting adequate rest between work shifts. The Amalgamated Transit Union immediately proposed that each operator have a minimum ten hour off-duty period between the end of one shift and the start of a new shift. Today, TriMet management, following two lengthy discussion sessions, accepted the Union’s ten-hour proposal. “This is about passenger and public safety as well as bus operator health,” said Bruce Hansen, president of the union, when announcing the agreement. “Most bus operators drive that bus because they like the people they serve and want them to be safe.” Hansen said.

The new agreement is temporary and will automatically expire once there is a new labor agreement in place. “Both parties know the public is deeply concerned about this issue, so the pressure will be on both of us to incorporate a complete and final hours of service policy into the new labor agreement.” Hansen said.

One problem the parties did not resolve today is the fact that some operators have workdays that span almost fourteen hours. “All the studies show that long workday spans lead to more accidents and absenteeism,” Hansen noted. “Urban transit driving has been found to be the most stressful profession. That’s why bus operators are disabled and die younger than other workers. It doesn’t make sense for people in a very stressful job to work such long hours. They pay for it with their health and it is unsafe for the public,” he said. TriMet management is to put the agreement in final form for the parties to sign on Monday.

TriMet and ATU reach tentative agreement on bus operators’ hours of service

Trimet press release

Vista Bridge: Is it time to stop the dying at Portland's iconic bridge?

Click Here

Friday, February 1, 2013

A comparison of Gillig BRT buses...

TriMet's new 3000 series Gilligs:

Reno, Nevada Gillig BRT:

Another Reno Gillig BRT:

C-Tran Gillig BRT:

San Jose RTD Gillig BRT:

Unknown agency Gillig BRT:

Mountain Metropolitan Transit Gillig BRT:

Another unknown agency Gillig BRT:

Missoula Mountain Line Gillig BRT:

Utah Transit Authority Gillig BRT:

Another Utah Transit Authority Gillig BRT:

Everett Transit Gillig Low-Floor (non-BRT):

CDTA Gillig BRT:

As a pedestrian crossing the street, WHICH mirror arrangement allows you to have direct eye contact with the Operator?  The TriMet bus, or the Reno bus?

It would appear to me that other agencies had no problem with fixing the left-turn blind spot issue with a much better mirror arrangement.  TriMet, on the other hand, cheaped out and had a mirror spec-ed that blocks the driver's view.

interesting dispatch calls

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Rick Gustafson gets burnt!

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Fucking TriMet is 30 minutes late. I'm going to miss my first fucking class. Fuck you TriMet.

Neils Bullshit

Our 51st through 55th new buses this year are some of the most technologically advanced hybrid buses out there. I joined in a great event at PCC Cascades Campus with Campus President Gatewood, Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith, and Carmen Rubio of the Latino Network to launch the new buses into service.(I bet those people ride the buses all the time, NOT)

Fear of Trimet hegemony

Clackamas County commissioners decide to send letter to TriMet asking to stop Portland-Milwaukie light rail in Portland |

Cameron Johnson goes on a TRIMET rant

if the bus was making people ill, then obviously something was wrong.

fixing it now doesn't explain why you put it back in service the 2nd day

for a culture supposedly geared on safety, you dropped the ball and the

riders and drivers pay the price. The simple fact that your negligence

makes drivers sick and their medical is being unjustly attacked as well

as their pension is just... Telling. We'll stick with telling.

And if you missed Cameron's latest 5 star performance at the last board meeting see it HERE!


Where you make obscene salaries no matter how screwed up your organization is and get ridiculous severance when you totally fail.

Eyewitness News obtained a copy of the separation agreement which state publicly funded RIPTA will pay Odimgbe $130,000 in severance pay. He will also be able to cash in on unused sick and vacation time. REcords show Odimgbe will be cut a check for an additional $15,558 for 25 sick and vacation days

Odimgbe out as RIPTA chief executive |

Bojack Trimet related posts

When a bus runs a red light with a camera
Push coming to shove on trains in Clackistan
Good news for Tri-Met bus drivers
Clackistani rebellion nicks the rest of us
In with the bus pass, some train porn

3 deer killed by WES

So says this tweeter:

Sam Adams mismanaged the PDX transportation bureau

Breaking news: Sam Rands were bad managers (Jack Bog's Blog)


Coverage by, Jason Mchuff of course

KGW report on safety and the new buses


He's only using the Trimet bus for lunch but his tweets are just as colorful

Old crappy bus meets new but not hybrid bus.

2012 bus ranking overview


Meanwhile back at PORK HEADQUARTERS they are hiring six figure executives like there is no tomorrow, moving into new plush offices with brand new furniture , and building a $1.5 billion dollar train to a town of 20,000. And they wonder why I don't have much nice to say about Trimet these days?
(I bet ya Fred Hansen's pension has not gone down)Did I mention that not only is my pension disappearing but I have to meet large deductibles on my 'golden' health care policy. The scamming liars are killing their retirees



This picture was taken last week after the board meeting

What's wrong with it?


We all know that when Neil goes anywhere he takes his gang of six figured executives along for moral support, this picture was from yesterdays propaganda event.

Time for some snorts and giggles

This photo was taken yesterday near the Ross store across from Washington Square.A motorcyclist with his custom sidecar figured out a way to take his dog shopping.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
//Should be "Smell Someone Tell Someone."



Portland Transports coverage of latest propaganda event

Portland Transport: Video - TriMet Hybrid Bus Debut Event


ATU's Document Requests to TriMet


TriMet’s New Buses Inherently Dangerous

The TriMet bus operators and mechanics have serious concerns about TriMet’s new buses, says Bruce Hansen, the president of the Amalgamated Transit Union, Division 757. He states that a prior model of the same Gillig brand of bus has the highest incidence of left-turn pedestrian accidents. He said the Union repeatedly raised concerns about the pillar/mirror complex in that earlier bus’s left front corner. “Now, they’ve purchased new Gillig buses that have even more and bigger obstructions in that area. Not only that, they decided they wanted the bus to look like a train so they’ve given the new buses front extensions. Those extensions create even greater vision obstructions.”
Hansen says he’s been told that the addition of those front extensions is costing the agency $16,000 plus for each bus. Lack of training is also a problem. “We’ve told them time and time again that these vision-obstructed buses should not make left-hand turns and that shorter stature people need special training in how to see around the obstructions. So far, no action from management.” Hansen noted that the two pedestrians killed a few years ago were hit by a bus turning left that was being driven by a short stature operator. He also said that the hybrid version of the new buses packs a high voltage wallop that the mechanics have not been trained to handle.
Hansen reported that regular TriMet operators were not asked to test drive the new buses in every day traffic before management made the purchase. “This seems to be a purchase where the desire for a flashy design is being elevated over commonsense and safety,” he said.

NYC bus driver blacks out and crashes


Rotate the view using the tabs at bottom and the union is advising members to sign up for the lawsuit regarding road relief pay.



Rhetorical question of course. People that have been watching Trimet over the years know full well that Trimet is now a development agency and has become a tool of the globalists.

TriMet wants to develop site by Portland-Milwaukie Max line - Portland Business Journal

Charlie Hales to chop youth pass

Mayor Hales preparing to cut YouthPass, WW reports | Portland Afoot


This site is dedicated to pulling back the curtain on all the ways TriMet spends money and makes decisions impacting safety, service and public stewardship.
Follow Union contract negotiations, dive into the real issues and post comments to let your voice be heard! is here!

Another photo op for the scumbag and his yes men/woman

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If you live along a bus line, THIS does make a difference

I live along the 15 line, at a red light.
The noise from buses starting from a stop can be quite annoying.
The 3000 series buses are really a great improvement as far as noise is concerned.
And the hybrid buses are even quieter!
Too bad they only got 4 of them but the 3000's aint bad!

TriMet: Building a Better Bus (55 New Buses Arrive Fall 2012)

Health Issue on Buses

Click Here!

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Trimet turned Rose Quarter into some kind of fare sting operation for the Blazer game. Barricades and everything(Had my fare, but still.)

Trimet's 'see something say something' part of the globalist agenda

» “See Something, Say Something” Could Label ANY AMERICAN a Suspected “Terrorist” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Adri C goes on a Trimet rant

So tweeters. To show how much cares about their riders, they have stuck the exact same bus, bus 1626, on line 5102... (1/2)

(2/2) This is the same bus that made an operator sick just LAST NIGHT and had to be taken out of service. But remember folks! cares!

It's official: must be trying to poison riders if they put a defective bus straight back in (cont)

I am pissed off at you, , for putting bus 1626 back into service the night after it had to be pulled out of service after it...

Fuck you, ! 1626 absolutely should NOT be back in service. It smells like exhaust fumes in here and is giving me a bad headache.

although I don't make them often, you WILL be getting a complaint from me about all this with bus 1626. It's inexcusable.

Clackamas county still fighting the globalists

New Clackamas County commissioners make first attempts to stop Portland-Milwaukie light rail in Portland

Safety has never been first at Trimet

Trimet has a very regressive policy on sick time. You are only allowed to take so much time off then you are threatened with termination which forces drivers to attend work impaired!

Supervisory reports

Jarret Walker on OPB


Union provides scabs against another union?


The temporary workers are from Local 355, a union that is not on strike. The workers received four hours of training Monday, said Patrick Cerniglia, the general manager of Staten Island Bus Company, which managed to cover 59 of its 113 routes Tuesday.


(always amusing)

"You need to get over the notion that light rail is a socialist scheme to undermine family values," Potiowsky quipped to the more than 400 members of Clark County's business and political establishment at the event.
Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee - clearly, the boy needs to get out of the development center and into the real world occasionally. As far as he's concerned, you have to be a commie-fearing hick to oppose something as inordinately expensive (and shiny) as light rail.


Trimet – Bruce Warner is a Scumbag 2-faced LIAR

He says the public has to pay for the rising healthcare costs, but won’t open the negotiations to the public! Stop jumping the fence Bruce! Stick to your guns! Or does Neil McFARTBRAIN force you to dance to his tune?

Video Here!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Cut routes and raised prices. Now there's no room to breathe & "drop off only" from being over capacity.

Driver flunks Trimet training class

Click here!

And I heard today that a 25 year veteran who just recieved a 20 year safe driving award just barely passed the training class!

'They' always took great pleasure out of torturing and humiliating the employees at Trimet