Monday, April 7, 2014

Trimet and ethics-part 10


Our spies tell us that Bruce Warner (left), chief executive of the Portland Development Commission under Mayor Tom Potter, is about to be nominated by our retread governor to be the new president of the board of Tri-Met. The linkage is perfect -- it illustrates so clearly that Tri-Met is all about apartments. That's what Warner was about at the PDC, and that's what he'll be about on the transit board. Streetcars, trains, and condo bunkers for all -- now, ain't that the Portland Way? Oh, and your bus has been cancelled.

Also going on the Tri-Met board, we're told, is Travis Stovall (right) from Gresham. Stovall is identified as president of the Gresham Chamber of Commerce and the director of something called the East Metro Economic Alliance. He has a business and financial consulting business.
Riding off into the sunset are board president Rick Van Beveren, who owns a restaurant in Hillsboro; and board member Lynn Lehrbach, a retired union guy. They leave the agency careening wildly toward bankruptcy, and will be forever remembered as presiding over the debacle known as the WES train. That may be one of the worst transportation investments in history, anywhere on the planet. That's not to say it can't be topped by whatever Warner and Stovall cook up.
First question for the new board members: Are you really going to sue the City of Milwaukie or Clackamas County if they don't pay toward the Milwaukie Mystery Train?


Anonymous said...

Warner looks like he has been goosed.

Anonymous said...

Naw, he looks flushed with excitement at the prospects for new light rail lines.