Monday, April 21, 2014


But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!


Anonymous said...

Apparently Lane hasn't learned anything from his "kum-by-yaa" moments with TM and the Transit Police.

Sure, right now he's making "seemingly innocent" comments about safety (BTW, the picture he took shows a train lifting point; so its not pretty looking. What's not safe? The rust?) and bus times/schedules, but that's basically where he started at before when he eventually ended up in the mess he got himself into.

Thought he said he'd washed his hands of TM. Apparently its too much an addiction for him.

Maybe this time they'll throw away the key.

Anonymous said...

Funny. These negative comments about Lane always seem to come across with a not-so-hidden pro-TriMet agenda.

It is not illegal for government agencies to conduct pr campaigns on blogs, social media and other online sites (aka Oregonian comments sections) via hired guns.

It's not about Lane, it's about where is the next Lane going to come from and when will it happen. Who will challenge TriMet on their lies and generate attention and results that matter?

All the closet TriMet lovers (who don't ride anyway) can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

I'm the commenter from above. I'm not a "closet TriMet lover" as you put it. I'm also not a TriMet hired gun. The main reason I remain anonymous is because, while I do love working for TriMet I am disgusted in what has become of it but still need to keep my job to pay my bills.

Al and I have actually had many discussions in the past and we surprisingly agree more than we dont. When we don't, I respect that- he's just a bit more "passionate" about his disagreement. At the end of the day it doesn't make much matter who agrees with who.

Here's the big difference, and even Al has said it in not so many words: My beef is not with Lane's passion or drive. Hell, if only more people had it. My beef is with his methods and the direction.

Al, with all the stuff he stirred up, the controversy he created...he never went so far as to get himself in the kind of trouble as Lane got himself into. Hell, Al even had Peggy Hansen and Steve Banta happy to talk to him and shake his hand afterwards! Al has passion but he keeps it in check just enough...just enough to not alienate himself from mgmt, he gets along with most operators, he thinks all white shirts are evil (which, I'm sorry Al that is simply not true..especially if you truly knew sometimes...) but Al has succeeded in beating up management and the b.s. without getting himself voted off the island. OK, I will acknowledge he pretty much had to retire or it would soon end up he might end up losing that option...but he's NOT the loose cannon Lane is.

If Lane grew up a bit, had not started out by deamonizing all of the drivers and devoting his life to nitpicking everything they did- getting up in their faces with his camera phone in their personal space demanding he be tended too...THEN all of a sudden do a 180 and say drivers are OK now...oops! My bad! Sorry, I meant to pick on management! Are you with me! Then using many of the same tactics there that he had used on the operators...he was passionate-no doubt, no argument. But he was a loose cannon who didn't heed warnings and got his peepee slapped for it, still didn't listen and nearly got it chopped off. Now, if you look back to how he started originally, he is doing the same stuff that eventually, after some time, got his ass in a wringer.

I don't have ANY problems with folks wanting to take on TriMet for their misgivings. Just be sure you take on the right people-the managers and executives, NOT the worker bees and front line supervisors- they all have to do the job they are told to do. They don't get to decide otherwise and they don't make policy. Al says that they can just refuse to do it- no Al, they can't or they lose the income to feed their families. That's like you having a maintenance foreman for your property who tells you, the owner, to f off because he's gonna do the job the way he wants. He won't stay employed long.

So, kiss my ass about my so called Pro TriMet agenda. You apparently just ain't gettin it. And I sent in the closet either Bo Bo- I LOVE TRIMET (at least what it WAS).

Ready now for your next line of crap....

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you didn't answer the two questions either-
1) what is unsafe about the picture Lane took of the Train lifting point? Its in need of some pain and unless you're planning to fun your hands over it when the train is coming in or out of the platform (which then you deserve the rust encrusted scrapes for your ignorance)

2) what happened to Lane saying he was not going to write about or get involved with TriMet anymore? He was swearing off them. He was so devastated by his potential jail time he wasn't taking any more chances...
That lasted what, 10 minutes?

Anonymous said...

Damn auto spell check! Between that and typing fast into my phone because of the irritation of the b.s. I'm responding to, I missed a few typos, my apologies.

*I'm not in the closest, I love TriMet for what it once was.

*the lifting point is in need of some paint and unless your planning to run your hands over it...

(Think that's it. Sorry. Will try to slow down.)

Al M said...

How did we get back on the topic of Lane Jensen? Just because of that dumb tweet?

Look, Lane has extremely poor taste and finds all sorts of things funny that most people don't find funny.

Ya he's over the top, and that is exactly why he was so good.

I loved watching Lane Jensen antics for as long as they lasted because of his IN YOUR FACE style.

I agree that you need to know when to stop pushing because once you have developed enemies those enemies will come at you with everything they have.

Lane made all kinds of mistakes in doing what he was doing.

Even with all that he exposed the true evil that can come out of Trimet mgmt because in the end They manufactured a false criminal case against him.

I know plenty of people would have loved to see Lane rot in jail, but that was simply WRONG and EVIL and I am glad I was able to play a part in preventing that from happening to him.

As bad as Lane was, and I agree he was pretty out there, Trimet management was worse.

The difference is that Trimet management can get away with criminal acts and disguise them as 'standard operating procedures'.

Unknown said...

Their Anon, for a reason.

Anonymous said...

See, I agreed with everything Al just said. No then, if that's possible, how come world peace is so damned hard? Lol.

Rock on Al.