Friday, April 25, 2014

It's just a shame that Trimet managment doesn't practice what it preaches

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Anonymous said...

TriMet does practice what it preaches when it comes to "Our Values"

"Do the right thing." All executives and board members will pay political homage where and when it is due.

"being responsive" to each other by keeping secrets and sticking to agreed upon obfuscations when dealing with outsiders.

"inclusive" Do not leave out other execs and board members when machinating.

"accountable" Each exec and board member will be accountable to each other (but not the public) or there will be consequences: The governor will no long favor you.

All joking aside, this values statement is true, it is just meant for the executives and board members. These are the values they use when dealing with each other. For everyone outside of their circle they have lawyers, PR & HR departments

It sure looks nice though when you publish it for all to see: smoke and mirrors.

And I've seen this behavior before at billion dollar corporations I worked for; it has no place at a public agency.