Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tualatin following Tigard

Our City Our Vote!

This is a non-partisan effort to make sure Tualatin gets the kind of transit and other transportation improvements that are genuinely needed and supported by Tualatin residents and businesses.
We would like to be abundantly clear and avoid any need for clarification.

Our Position
We Do Not Want Light rail transit (LRT) or high capacity transit (HCT) with a dedicated bus lane in Tualatin, nor any downtown station that supports LRT/ HCT, nor the kind of high density Transit Oriented Development that adds apartments, residents, their vehicles, congestion & crime.
We Do Want Tualatin voters given the right to have a public vote on transit projects, better bus transit service throughout Tualatin with more connections elsewhere  with a less costly & better bus transit system like Wilsonville’s SMART.
Light Rail is unacceptable because of cost and negative impacts on our community.  Multi-billion dollar “fixed transit” from Tualatin to Portland is not affordable nor does it provide flexible transit options in the future.
Over $10M has been spent to date on planning by Metro & TriMet without justification for why LRT/HCT & a Station Community designation has already been decided for Tualatin.
If enough signatures are gathered by the May deadline there will be a Light Rail vote in a special election in September.
Businesses and residents need to intervene before final decisions are made and it is too late.
Please join us in helping to bring about better choices for Tualatin businesses, residents and taxpayers.
Aaron Crowley, Chief Petitioner
CLICK HERE for the downloadable version of the Tualatin initiative petition.  Thank you for your support!
 Our City Our Vote | Voter Approval Required!

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