Friday, April 25, 2014

Most people will not be crime victims on Trimet

Most rational people know that riding transit is relatively 'safe'. Not very likely that you will be robbed or beaten senseless while riding transit. As always, if you are one of the victims what good are the 'statistics'.
Riding transit is more of a stress problem, some of the people you are forced to be with are not people you would associate with given a choice.

WES has no crime, obviously because they have a conductor riding with passengers ALL THE TIME monitoring behavior. Probably part of the reason FTA requires a conductor on board is crowd control.
What's Portland's most crime-ridden bus line? 10 facts about TriMet's latest crime stats |


Unknown said...

YET THE IDIOT CONTINUES TO "NOT ADD" CRIMES AGAINST EMPLOYEES...come on get it together, there is no mitigating crimes by leaving out a HUGE stat, pathetic!

Anonymous said...

This story is complete BS.

What is the estimate number of unreported crimes against riders (and employees)?

Does aggressive panhandling come under harassment? Or when a couple guys tag team an entire train at night is that one incident instead of 50 victims/counts?