Monday, April 21, 2014

No smoking

Only Diesel fumes allowed


Anonymous said...

Its legal to buy and smoke those over taxed cigarettes! Its a "FREE FUCKIN COUNTRY". Notice how management uses psychological micro management eatting away at drivers self worth. FUCK THEM! FUCK THEM ALL! Why every "ASS HOLE" in Portland smokes at every fuckin bus stop and the city and tri met does nothing. And if its not a cigarette then its a joint. I am tired of smelling clouds of second hand ILLEGAL pot. Do somehting about that you "ASS HOLE MANAGEMENT BASTARDS"!

Anonymous said...

Apparently the previous commenter was educated at a gummy bear factory.

In the notice, TriMet didn't say you couldn't smoke so please continue to increase my insurance rates at your will. They just asked you to RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF EVERYONE INVOLVED and pick up the butts after your dumb ass self and not expect the rest of the world to do it for you. Its YOUR damn habit, why do I have to clean your crap off my lawn.

And please, continue smelling like you bathed in an ashtray. That's your Fracking right too. Don't be offended if I spray my can of Lysol around you as you approach.

Typical smoker response. I agree its your right to smoke AS MUCH AS ITS MY RIGHT to not have to smell it, breathe it or clean up after it.

Anonymous said...

FYI I don't smoke and I don't own a gun but I do want to protect those rights of those who do want to smoke and or own a gun.

Unknown said...

Don't forget to read the statement above the pic again, then you will understand the comment...better yet, it's about the massive plums of Diesel fumes that permeate the neighborhoods around the garages; kind of a "pick-um" which would you rather have, that is the question.

Anonymous said...

I don't have an issue whatsoever with the second amendment. Guns don't kill people; idiots with guns kill people (tho??ugh they keep making guns smarter and smarter, that statement may expire...)

I don't want to take away your right to smoke either. I believe you should be allowed to. The big BUT to that is: when we as non-smokers can stop paying for the insurance hikes as a result that smoking causes to the body and I no longer have to clean up after a smoker because they finally have taken responsibility and policed the area themselves, then I will be among the first in line to repeal the unfair slant of taxes cigarettes face. I don't think the taxes on cigarettes are fair now but because the majority (over 51%) don't clean up after themselves and feel its perfectly alright to dump their butts wherever they please and the same majority don't give a shit if they do it near you and blow it in your direction, then no- repelling even a penny won't happen if I have a vote. I know there are those that are good about it, but they are most definitely in the minority.