Monday, April 28, 2014

Trimet's 2013 'accomplishments'

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Erik H. said...

Here's what I would call accomplishments:

1. SAFETY. What was the previous year's incident rate, what is the current year's? Just give us the numbers.

2. PATRONAGE. How many more riders are riding than last year? How is efficiency - riders per service hour?

3. FARE RECOVERY. How much money is TriMet earning from sales of service versus taxpayer subsidy?

5. RELIABILITY. How many buses and trains operated on time? What was the in-service failure rate? How many spare vehicles are required because of reliability issues (buses and trains requiring ongoing maintenance) - a bus or train sitting in a depot is a liability not an asset.

5. SERVICE. How much service has TriMet added from the previous year? If service was reduced, did the reduction in service improve service efficiency or did it reduce ridership (have a negative impact)?

6. Now let's talk about all of those TriMet pet projects, AND describe specifically how each one of the projects ENHANCED the above four line items. For example, did the "Safety Management System" actually improve safety? Did the new buses actually improve safety, ridership, reliability? Did Mobile Ticketing improve revenue? Did the new TVMs improve revenue and reduce operating expense? Did those "59 apps and counting" make a ridership impact?