Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Trimet job opportunites

Trimet is rolling in dough as was evident in Double Dipping Dave's financial report.
Capitalizing on the anti union sentiment around the world where workers have been pitted against each other they have been able to con many citizens in Portland into believing that Trimet health benefits will destroy Trimet.
Through this phony distraction the Trimet oligarchs have been able to focus the public's attention away from their own absurd pensions, salaries, bonuses, and useless pork barrel job positions.

Look at this list of jobs below, there are 10 positions open currently.
All but one is for direct service to the public.

And this is the real problem with Trimet, the problem that the press doesn't cover.
An overly bureaucratized agency with too many chiefs and not enough Indians to actually get the work done.
Trimet-we have money for everything except your good health care coverage
If you wanna get in on the pork apply HERE!

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