Saturday, April 19, 2014

RedLine nails it again

Breakin The Law, Breakin' The Law

It's how things roll in Porkland. Tricky Rick Gustafson has headed up the Porkland Streetcar thing since its inception, and it's been a perfect money-pot. But now that darned independent auditor, with her high-falutin' ethics, has got involved and ruined the fun.
A new city audit of Portland Streetcar says City Hall is breaking state law in how it allows the streetcar's private operator to control public money.
It really sucks when the goody-goody types get in the way of a great scam.
Tricky Rick somehow managed to get his daughter on the board of the Portland Streetcar opreration, and announced after getting wind of the audit a few weeks ago that he'd be "retiring" as head of the scam operation. It's funny how that all just happened to come together.
It's an interesting little arrangement: Porkland ostensibly owns the tracks and streetcars, Porkland Streetcar runs the operation, and Tri-Met kicks in a few million a year to pay its drivers to pilot the streetcars around inner northwest, southwest, and northeast Porkland. The "system" might have as much as ten miles of tracks running down the auto lanes.

MaxRedline: Breakin The Law, Breakin' The Law

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