Saturday, April 26, 2014

TRIMET white shirted management makes it virtually impossible to claim a safety hazard

"Safety is a value" the slogan says. And that's all it is, a useless slogan at Trimet. In this audio dispatch clip we will listen to the controller strong-arming the max operator to keep driving the train even though the operator clearly has expressed his concerns about continuing.


Unknown said...

HOS, strikes again and again...etc.

Anonymous said...

the majority of issues with symptoms as reported by this operator are due to operator error. many operators operate with prejudice to the equipment they are assigned and will cause it to fail to be assigned different equipment. I'm not saying that is what was happening here, but I wouldn't be surprised. True failures of the type being described by the operator are fairly rare.

Anonymous said...

I agree with #2. These symptoms just don't manifest themselves like this.

Some operators don't like the equipment they are given so they will "rake" the Motoring Drum Handle or MDH back and forth while accelerating or slowing which will mess with the on board computer causing "non naturally occurring" malfunctions.