Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weird TriMet service alerts

#72 Line 72:

#4 Line 4 and line 9, The line 72 is back to regular route on 82nd. at 10:46 am.
#72 Line 72 Northbound 82nd, is back to regular route to 82nd & Divison, detour right Division, left 92nd, left Stark, right 82nd then regular route until further notice.
[and later]
#72 Line 72 Northbound 82nd, is back to regular route at 11:09 am.
#72 Line 72 Southbound 82nd, is back to regular route at 11:08 am.

#72 During the 82nd Ave of Roses Parade from 9 a.m. Saturday until about 12 p.m., no service to stops on SE 82nd between Stark and Holgate.
[no mention of any temporary stops on 92nd, which have been done in the past]

#75 Line 75 please use caution at 41st and Fremont. There is a bus broken down and partially blocking.

#94 Line 94 You may use your I-5 and Barbur Blvd detour due to traffic back up.
[should be for Line 96]

#67 Line 67 there is a two alarm fire with fire equipment blocking Bethany and Central - supervisor is responding and we will issues a detour as soon as we have one.

#17 Line 17 : leaving the layover at 134th and Holgate 3 mins early then Regular route to 134th and Bush, right Bush, left 148th, left Powell, to 136th & Regular route UNTIL: 3p.
[should be "136th and Bush"]

#24 Line 24 Please look and wait for Supervisor at Fremont and 62nd. He'll help you get through the accident blocking there. Thanks.

#43 Line 43 is detoured INBOUND for police action:Regular route to Hall and Locust, continue Hall, left Hwy 99 to Barbur Transit Center and regular route until further notice.
[Line 43 does not serve Barbur Transit Center]

#44 Buses to PCC are not serving stops on SW Capitol between Vermont and 30th until about 5 p.m.
[I'm not positive, but I believe that no stops were actually affected]

#77 Buses may be unable to serve stops on 257th, due to blocked route. You may need to board on Columbia River Hwy.

#77 Line 77 Stop Closed on Everett at 18th due to Paving until clear.
[no stop there]

#72 Line 72: Northbound, regular route to 82nd and Glisan, right Glisan, left 102nd, right Halsey, right 82nd and regular route.PLEASE WATCH FOR PASSENGERS AT THE MAX STOP.
["right Halsey" points buses away from 82nd, Halsey does not intersect with 82nd, and the "MAX STOP" could refer to NE 82nd Ave or E 102nd Ave]

#15 Line 15 to Gresham: Regular route to 102nd and Burnside then left Burnside, right 99th, left Pacific and regular route until clear.
[Line 15 does not go to Gresham]

#57 Line 57 inbound: Regular route Pacific and Hwy 47, RT-Hwy 47, LT-19th, LT-Mt. View, RT-Pacific and regular route until further notice and if you have the time you can leave up to 3 min early.
[but if you don't you'll be screwed]

#88 Line 88 to Willow Crk ONLY: Regular route to 185th and Baseline, continue Baseline to left 170th, left Walker, Right-185th have passengers cross street to catch any Southbound bus into Willow Crk & Regular route.
[where are buses supposed to go then?]

#77 For those of you on line 77 that may not have this: detour to Montgomery Prk: Regular route to Halsey and 47th, continue Halsey, right 45th, left Broadway and regular route- REVERSE to Troutdale. - 8-3 thru Thrursday.

#18 #63 Lines 18,63:Due to unforeseen circumstances, expect large delays.
[it was actually the operator getting into an argument with another operator and being sent back to the garage]

#10 Line 10 Outbound: regular route to 11th & Division, right 11th, left Division to 20th & regular route Until furthur notice.
[should be "11th and Hawthorne"]

#17 Line 17 the detour dealing with the Bridge to Brews event, please go back to regular route through is detour only, thank you.

#4 #8 #33 Lines 4, 8, 33, Northbound only Due to Police action, buses are regular route to 6th and Burnside, right Burnside, left 4th, right Everett then regular route until clear.
[turning left from Burnside is not legal, also Lines 35 and 44 should probably have been included and Line 33 needs a different routing to Union Station]

#15 Line 15: Starting Friday many stops on Thurman will have closed signs, Closer and reroutes are effective for Monday until then service all stops.

#72 Line 72: Due to an accident at Killingsworth and 64th, this route is detoured as follows; Eastbound to Clackamas Town Center: Regular route to Kill and 60th, left 60th, right Portland Blvd, right Cully, left Kill. and regular route Reverse for Westbound. until further notice.
[it is Portland Hwy, not what's now Rosa Parks Way]

#77 Update Line 77 one day detour: Regular route to 21st and Flanders, right Flanders, left 22nd, right Everett and regular route until 4 pm.
[should be "left Everett"]

#77 Line 77 use Regular route at 21st and Everett until supervisor can check out the blockage on 21st at Flanders.
[but it's blocked!?]

#77 Line 77 Eastbound: 23rd & Broadway, SLOW ORDER 5 mph. If a cone is blocking, stop bus and workers will move the cone.

#4 Line 4 Outbound: 12th & Division stop closed. temporary stop farside at Elliott. Until furthur notice.
[this should have been for Line 70, Elliott does not intersect Division]

#76 #78 Lines 76, 78 detour to Beaverton Transit Center regular route to Greenberg and Gormarin ln, continue Greenburg, to Hall, left Hall, left Elinder, right Washington sq road and regular route reverse Southbound.
[should be "left Washington Sq Road"]

#43 #45 Lines 43,45 to Washington sq regular route to Hall and Palmblad, continue Hall, left Eliander, left Palmblad, right Washington sq road and regular route reverse to
[Eliander and Palmblad do not intersect]

#70 LINE 70 - the train has CLEARED! Regular route!!!

#48 Line 48 Westbound ONLY : Regular route to 48th and Cornell, right 48th, left Airport Road, right Brookwood, left Evergreen, left 25th, left Cornell & Regular route.
[should be "right Cornell"]
#48 Line 48 Westbound ONLY : Regular route to Cornell & 48th, left Airport, right Brookwood, left Evergreen, left 25th, RIGHT-Cornell & Regular route UNTIL:
[that was fixed, but now "right 48th" is missing]

#48 Line 48 blocking accident ONLY: Regular route to Cornell & Shute, LEFT - Shute, right Main, right 28th into 25th, left Cornell & Regular route.
[missing a route direction, and Shute doesn't go left of Cornell (if westbound) or anywhere close to Main]

#66 Buses to Marquam Hill are not serving the stops on SE Cesar Chavez Blvd at Powell or on SE Powell at 26th.
[this was sent in the afternoon, when buses are only traveling from Marquam Hill]

#66 Line 66 Westbound detour: Regular route to Powell and Cesar Chavez, right Cesar Chavez, left Division, left 26th, right Powell and regular route.
[Line 66 does not run on Powell east of Cesar Chevez]

MAX Blue Line is delayed due to broken gate arm. Shuttle buses running between E 197th and Cleveland. Expect delays.
[a broken gate arm usually doesn't cause a disruption, and why shuttle buses for a "delay"?]

#20 Line 20 eastbound regular route to Burnside and 82nd then left 82nd, right Davis, left 84th, right Burnside Road and regular route until clear.
[should be "right 84th, left Burnside Street"]

#15 Line 15 Please start your Timbers and JeldWen and Providence Park detour #200 on your had copy as of 11:35a.
[...and PGE Park and Civic Stadium and Multnomah Stadium]

#10 #12 #30 #48 Line 48 10:00-12:30 to Sunset Transit Center Regular route to 10th and Main, right Main, left 28th into 25th, right Cornell and regular route. until 12:30 or clear.
[should not have gone out to Lines 10, 12 or 30]

#72 Line 72,Street closure Police action, Westbound only, Regular route to 92nd and Flavel, right 92nd, left Duke then regular route until clear.
[should be for Line 19]

#35 Line 35 to U of P: Due to construction you may run up to 3 min's early from the Rose Quarter northbound until 6pm.
[doesn't help if there's no extra time in the schedule for that segment]

#35 Line 35 to UofP to Portland: Due to construction, you may leave up to 3 min's early.
[I think this should have been "from UofP"]

#61 #64 Line 61/64: Regular route to Terw and Capital, continue Terw, RT-Barbur RT-Bertha, and veer left on Beaverton Hillsdal Hwy and regular route until further notice.
[doesn't work for Line 64 as it doesn't go onto Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy]

#54 #56 Line 54/56 outbound: regular route Barbur and capital hwy, continue barbur, RT-Bertha, and veer left on Capital hwy and regular route until further notice.
[should be "veer left onto Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy]

#4 No service to stops between on SE 7th or on Division west of 20th.
["between on"?]

#80 Line 80: Due to accident, this route is detoured as follows; to Troutdale: Regular route to 257th & Stark, continue Stark to right Cherry Park, left Buxton and regular route until further notice.
[should be "continue 257th"]

#70 Line 70 Regular route WHEN DRIVING THE 13th ROUTE. Thank you.

#96 Due to a blocking traffic accident at I-5 and Capitol Hwy, northbound buses are detoured via Barbur Blvd. Arrival estimates may be inaccurate.
[should be expected when there's a detour]

#12 Line 12, the stop at Pacific Highway & 73rd inbound, is closed until further notice.
[should be 74th]

#72 Line 72 detour to Clackamas Town Center, Regular route to Alberta and 30th, continue Alberta, left 31st, right Killingsworth and Regular route, Please use caution-other buses oncoming. until further notice.

#4 #44 No service to the northbound stop at Rose Quarter Transit Center, due to a traffic accident. Ask a TriMet supervisor where to board.

#154 Tree down, Line 154 Westbound: regular route to Blankenship & 19th, left 19th, right Dollar, left Ostman, & regular route Reverse for other direction. Until Clear.
[buses only travel in one direction on that segment]

#63 Line 63 detoured Westbound regular route to Salmon and 18th, continue Salmon, left 16th, left Morrison, left 18th and regular route until clear aprox 3:00pm.
[should be "eastbound"]

#6 LINE 6:

MAX Blue/Green/Red service has been restored. Expect delays through 1 p.m. as regular service returns. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during extreme weather.

Due to MAX Blue Line disruption, consider taking bus Line 4 on Division or bus Line 20 on Stark between Gresham and Portland. Lines 15 and 19 run between downtown Portland and Gateway Transit Center. Check routes/schedules at

Due to MAX Green Line disruption, consider taking bus line 72 along 82nd Ave. Lines 15 and 19 run between downtown Portland and Gateway Transit Center. Check routes/schedules at

Due to MAX Green Line disruption, consider taking bus line 72 between CTC and Gateway TC.
[Line 72 does not go to Gateway TC]

#11 Line 11 use your detour to get around the traffic issues.

#72 Line 72: Blocking accident at 72nd and Killingsworth, use Cully and the old Portland highway to get around until clear.
[that will not get you around that intersection]

#31 Line 31 outbound updated detour: Regular route to Hwy 212 and Hwy 224 split, continue straight to Hwy 212, right 232nd, left Hwy 224 and regular route.
[this routing goes through Damascus, which is outside the TriMet district]

#4 The eastbound stop on SE Division at 17th is closed. Use stop at 12th or 20th, due to a collision blocking lanes at 82nd and Foster.

#4 line 4 REMINDER: Item 110th Effective 1-28-14 until further notice All hours and all days, stop closure eastbound Division and 17th is closed, please direct your customers to the stops before or after.

#54 #56 Lines 54 / 56: Please extend the detour, the construction has not completed their tasks yet today.

#19 Line 19 inbound: Regular route to 52nd and Carlton, left Carlton, right 50th, left Woodstock, & Regular route outbound: Regular route to 50th and Woodstock, right 50th, left Carlton, right 52nd, & Regular route until further notice.
#19 Line 19 - return to Regular route on 28th Ave between Carlton & Woodstock both directions as of 11:00p.
[was 28th supposed to be 52nd?]

#4 Line 4 there is a temporary stop 40 ft west of 82nd for inbound stop.
[that's where the regular stop is]

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