Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Trimet officials made a previous attempt to get Lane Jensen banned. That turned out badly for Trimet. But now they have 'concocted' this story about a 'dangerous' Lane Jensen being  a 'threat'  to someone, it's totally fantasy and  may even be a serious violation of his civil rights. Watch below as Trimet officials abuse their authority in an attempt  to get Lane Jensen out of their hair. It never even made it to the hearing. The hearings officer threw it out before the hearing. Do we have a pattern here ladies and gentlemen? I say we sure do. Stay tuned as this develops. Trimet oligarchs have connections with other oligarchs that run the lives of Portlanders and they will use those connections to attempt to shut Lane Jensen up, FOREVER. We do live in a police state and when that police state turns its wheels on a 'citizen' its not easy to get out from under it. Remember, the 'system' is in place to crush citizens that become a nuisance for the masters. Freedom is nothing but an illusion in Amerika, the one country on earth that imprisons more of its own people per capita than any place  on this earth.

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Anonymous said...

Lane has plenty of evidence that Tri Mess has conspired against him. They have opened up a pandoras tort claim box.