Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sleezbag Trimet officials con the union

So here we have Dan Martin who has been nothing but cooperative with Trimet  and here we have Trimet withholding information from Dan!

Now what would be the reason that Trimet is hiding this from Dan?

adjective: unscrupulous

having or showing no moral principles; not honest or fair.


busman said...

its election time of course hes gonna say it sucks to get votes to beat jon which wont happen

Unknown said...

It took him this to recommend getting rid of it, how about the people crying in front of him, he didn't bat an eye???

Al M said...

I can't even imagine why Trimet won't let him see the software tools.

Trimet must have really pulled some obvious shit here that they need kept hidden.

So much for the 'new era' in Trimet/ATU relations

Alastair MacDougal said...

He sits there right beside management during sign up telling everyone how great the blocks. What a piece of crap.

Goonies said...

Fuck dan i will campaign against Him

Goonies said...

Hey Dan drive a Bus for once THAT IS YOUR title At trimet but you never drive a bus