Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Latest 'seen and heard on trimet'

Can't express my hatred towards trimet

why does the Yellow line keep running with only one car during 5pm rush hour? 

And then 5 responses at once hiyooooooo !": It may take up to 5 days for Customer Service to respond." 

nothing like waiting 40 min for a bus after work, thanks

Gah. Bus 2550. Line 31. Dude- use your yield sign. Please. Thanks, the car you cut off. 

because they don't want to hear our sad laments about being abandoned by buses. Sending them my therapy bills.

Line 44 uses sad neglected buses. Way to transport me to my bright future  

a perfect three for three on your 4:39 arrival for line 87. Three days, no show or really late. 

Trimet is being such a dick right now! 😡 

Holiday events to get you in the spirit of the season  

It took like 8 people calling for the back door before this TriMet driver realized he needed to open the back door 

How the hell do the new buses already smell like piss???  

Not to mention then I'm 30 minutes late. Trimet GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. 

Trimet is annoying af 

I hate the bus system here, but it's not nearly as bad as trimet 

Lady on the bus said anytime she rides trimet on the day she has a job interview (like today) there is always some sort of problem. Fek you! 

Can't express my hatred towards trimet 

Weird. My blue line just turned into a green line, just like that.  

. stop 7616 seating glass is completely shattered  

. A green line train never showed up at SE Fuller station for a scheduled stop. Where did it go? Late 4 work now, thanks! 

TriMet is having to manually throw the switches on their tracks, I predict the red line will be shut down later today. >.> 

Pretty sure I saw a guy stealing a bike on today. He got off at & left the blankets he'd had on the bike.  

Why are Ruby trains on transit tracker in the AM at Sunset TC? They never show up. 

Trimet ur screwing up everything with the green line being late cuz now the yellow line is gonna be late and I HAVE A TO SEE 

Someone has a vendetta against my bus driver it seems. (#2705 70 bus) Dude was bitching about TriMet his whole ride. 

Happens constantly at Parkrose. The Line 12 pulls into Parkrose as the 21 is leaving. MAJOR headaches  

Packed like cattle on a crammed 10 min late 99 beats sleeping on sidewalk for the night. Thanks so much for the quality svc Trimet 

It's amazing how quickly an asshole driver can ruin your day. Fuck you lady. 

didn't realize i was riding the rails of gotham city  

you're bus driver who is driving the 72 who just left the 82nd max stop is te worst person I have ever met. Sincerly, loyal rider. 

i lost my wallit inside the max please help me 

Seriously? Fucking . I passed on the 'always packed 99' to wait for the next one & now the next one isn't coming. Rat bastards 

1439 signal cord doesn't work...riders joking if anything on this old bus works...Operator joking too. This 94/12 driver is awesome 

bus 1439 has a serious roof leak at the middle roof hatch  

Dec 4 4:57pm : Sorry to hear bus 2231 passed you That usually happens when the operator couldn't see you or the bus ... 

2 days in a row without the 87 line at 4:30? Completely unacceptable. 

Since when is it $2.50 flat to take the bus?! Seriously Trimet, get your shit together. Cuz if it wasn't for a good samaritan, I'd be 

trimet fare checkers are douches 

, please explain why I waited so long for a 14 bus only to have 2 come at the same time  

as the weather gets worse I become less amused by the frequency with which the ticket machines are out of order. 

You're reliability the past 2 days has been really poor. Please update your trackers and stop monitors. they are off.

And don't forget TRIMET SCANNER tweets.

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