Friday, December 28, 2012

What's with all the excitement around uniforms

It should be obvious to many that some Trimet bus drivers have FREAKED OUT that someone besides them is wearing a Trimet costume!

Its odd because not one person in the public has even noticed any of this, nor have they noticed anyone wearing Trimet uniforms that was not an employee of Trimet.

The fact of the matter is that nobody gives a damn, except a few  bus drivers that seem to have some sort of weird attachment to their uniforms.

I hated that uniform, I hated wearing it and making myself  a walking billboard for Trimet. I tried to replace every item in the uniform issue with my own 'similar' but comfortable item.

I'm glad that some Trimet drivers are 'proud' of that uniform, but the level of attachment to a piece of clothing is downright bizarre in my opinion

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Erik H. said...

What's most peculiar is that the Vintage Trolley Operator who demanded Alex be kicked off of the trolley was himself NOT wearing an official TriMet uniform, but his own "Conductor" uniform that bears not one TriMet logo (maybe a really old Tri-Met pin)...

AND, the "kid" at the rear of the Trolley that was operating the rear door, the signal bell, making the PA announcements, AND operated the trolley pole, was in NO uniform whatsoever and was probably not even a TriMet employee yet he was operating TriMet revenue equipment. (Where's the ATU to protest that?)

AND...let's not forget the Supervisor that boarded the trolley in the middle of the street from a travel lane (using the left door)...but I guess one's jacket and hat are more important than safety at TriMet.