Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Me and Ellen have actually been doing better this past year, but she still likes to blast me whenever she gets a chance:

Supervisors have a right to question WHY NON-EMPLOYEES are riding the system walking around the Bus Mall and Transit Centers IMPERSONATING Bus Operators. SERIOUSLY, why are these guy's masquerading US?  Could it be they're scamming the system for free rides or are they DEPRIVED for ATTENTION?!!!

Actually Ellen, as usual, you don't know what your talking about, sorry.
There is nothing in the TRIMET CODE  (which regulates all the actions of fare inspectors/supervisors) that gives any one of them the authority to question the dress of a Trimet patron. At no time did any of these people 'impersonate' a Trimet employee. I got  a legal opinion on this. There is nothing in the law that prohibits any citizen from wearing a Trimet uniform, its the same as wearing a 'costume'

And you better believe I am protective of the people that contribute to my blog. Unlike you they are not getting paid $25/hr

I know you see yourself as the 'defender' of Trimet employees, but in reality you're just a kook.


Al M said...

I also love the way Ellen goes straight for the personal attacks.
Low class Ellen, very low class

Al M said...

Of course I won't link to her post because it's just nonsense and full of personal attacks.

Funny that she talks about being bullied when she is the worst offender with those personal attacks.

She and her blog have no credibility