Sunday, December 30, 2012

This year saw the return of the anti blogger

Ellen the bobblehead
For awhile I thought me and Ellen might be able to co-exist in the spirit of solidarity. We even had  this fairly civil CONVERSATION in 2012. Alas it was not to be so. Ellen couldn't help herself, her obsession with me finally took her over again so she started making ridiculous posts about AL M again.  She's a champion liar, every post she makes is full of distortions and lies. But I do give her credit for livening  up the blog world, she is very good at that and I have grown somewhat attached to her crazy rants. The imagination involved with her posts is quite excellent. And the masterful way that she tries to portray herself as the 'victim' as she brutalizes me and others on her fake "blog" is fairly entertaining I have to admit.

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