Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So says this reader:

W7ENK said... Expiring old tickets without a printed expiration date would be in direct violation of Oregon State Law.
Blogger W7ENK said...
Per the definitions made in ORS 646A.274 - Definitions for ORS 646A.276 and 646A.278, one could make the argument that the same applies to TriMet transfers. A TriMet transfer is "a prefunded record evidencing a promise that the issuer will provide goods or services to the owner of the record in the amount shown in the record."

Additionally, TriMet transfers do not fit the excluded definitions, as those very specifically outline "prepaid telephone calling cards, prepaid commercial mobile radio services" ... and "...usable with more than one seller of goods or services."


Al M said...

Of course to get them to comply will have to come through the courts

W7ENK said...

It only takes one case to set precedent, I'm sure there's something out there already.

TriMet is NOT untouchable!

Al M said...

100% correct sir, just one is all it takes.

W7ENK said...

If you happen to have any old All Zone prepaid transfers I could get my hands on, I'd be more than happy to go to bat for all of the Portland public and create said precedence. ;)