Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mary Fetsch and Roberta Altstadt: Here's a new job JUST FOR YOU!

'Brave soul' needed to become Michael O'Leary’s spin doctor at Ryanair (and even he admits it is 'the worst job in PR')

Ryanair's loose-cannon boss Michael O'Leary is looking for a 'brave soul' to become his new spin doctor and take on what he calls the 'worst job in PR'.
The outspoken Irishman is well known for using madcap schemes to chase publicity and his current Director of Communications Stephen McNamara is leaving after 'four years of being battered and abused'.
There is an upside, however, as Mr O'Leary says the successful candidate will be 'high profile and incredibly overpaid'.
But the new man or woman faces an uphill struggle as consumer champions Which? have just named Ryanair the least-popular short-haul airline based on baggage allowance, boarding, seating allocation and food and drink.
In other words, working for a transport company that's just as bad as TriMet, but at least you get the luxury of living in Ireland, free flight privileges anywhere in Europe, "incredibly overpaid", and you don't have to worry about transit tweeters like me (there are an incredible number of Ryanair bashers in Europe, but it's OK to use the official Twitter account to blame the rider, ridicule them, even cuss at them, and just plain make fun of them.)

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