Sunday, December 30, 2012


Trimet union employees are just another part of the world wide movement against unions and the members they represent. Our best hope is victory in Europe, American culture is too brainwashed to understand that unions are not the enemy of the citizenry. If the Europeans can beat back the anti union corporate capitalists then maybe there is hope for us here in America.

These are dark times for trade unions and workers. They face a strong and European wide political consensus claiming that Member States should exit the crisis by cutting wages and weakening collective bargaining systems. The old and ancient instrument of a devaluation of the national currency is to be replaced with wage devaluations.
In Portugal, Spain and Greece, this consensus is already in place. Employers there now have several possibilities to lower wages. They can easily get out from higher level collective agreements and renegotiate lower wage standards at company level. It is even possible for management to completely circumvent representative trade unions and strikes or impose deals with ‘committees of workers’ or individual workers instead.

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