Sunday, December 30, 2012

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
I need a car trimet really be pissing me off

I hate taking Trimet people always smelling like shit! 

Kid repeatedly singing "Ring Around The Rosie" on the bus. So creeped out.  

Welp Time to Hitt That Trimet Bus 

#4 division is packed every Saturday - need more weekend service on this line  

The smelliest fucking people just sat next to me at . What is this, ?! 

I'd rather ride Southwest once a year than TriMet once a day. 

. I don't ride trimet, but have relieved myself at a max stop(mistaken for a landfill) on my morning jog. 

All of the bus drivers I've interacted with are actually pretty cool.  

I need a car trimet really be pissing me off

"fuck trimet! Its smells like musty ass feet anyway!" lmfao! This dude. 

Galleria & Pioneer Sq. S validators weren't working, so please have some compassion for those who Tried to validate their tickets.  

Damn trimet ppl are on heads. 

I wonder how many bus operators have signed for train 17/01 just because they're trekkies? :) 

running 5mins early stop id 9648 left me I hope the driver benefits from the belinda jackson bonus program a rogue fed payday. 

I can't start my PDX residency by cursing people, I'll get banned from Trimet for life & divorce will follow 

I bet the trimet lost and found is a gold mine. I'm gonna stop by tomorrow and do some Christmas shopping  

caught this guy jacking off in the back of the max #420  

I Hate Trimet

stupid bus 2015 sitting at intersection of Burnside and 39th blocking traffic for three cycles of light. 

The Max is my whip..  

Be nice if there was a drink machine at quatama an othere stops, orange juice would be great! 

Massive brain fart. RT : why would you close stops by Clackamas Town Center on the busiest weekend of the year for them? 

validator @ rosa parks station is broken. I've given up on the ticket machine here. Can we get something fixed please? 

. Bus #2510 was barreling down Lombard - with no passengers - 5min hot, & woulda passed me up too if I hadn't run across the street. 

How stalked am I? public transit workers consider me their bonus program. Damn Im ijs do something contact 

#33 6am ride was ten minutes late. an improvement.   

max train 403 - handicap ramp keeps being deployed at EVERY stop (doors 3 & 4) please fix.

Y'all can't be trusted. @ TriMet MAX Red Line

78 running over 15 minutes late heading to Beaverton due to multiple accidents in the area 

sounds like lots of people are still waiting at Fuller Road for buses which ended 90 min ago  

stop id 8009 bus didnt arrive 812pm didnt arrive I am still anyone surprised? Well shame on u is a tool.

Over an hour waiting on a bus in cold and rain. Thanks  

Riding -Tran & for 15+ yrs don't think I've ever rode with a driver who honks in anger at other cars on road so much.  

Now he's turned all the lights off on the inside of the bus. This is a scary thing on a bus. LoL 

Thanks to Trimet beauracracy - ie making it so we all had to shuffle through a congested gate at the rose quarter - I missed my train. 

Nineteen stops and I haven't heard one verse of Weird "Another One Rides the Bus." I want my $2.50 back,

Trimet bus drivers are either the nicest or rudest people you've ever met.

It will be so nice to not have to take TriMet everywhere 😒 


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