Sunday, December 23, 2012

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Wow, supervisor busting over a hat ...but he boarded the trolley in center lane? AND let cars drive in bus lane?

Trimet is just annoying in general! 

entire line 9 bus 2205 smells like a lit joint... Skunk weed on blast... Driver ur bus smells? reply: smell it.  

The idiot girl next to me on didnt notice she kicked me? <Belinda Jackson> 

Why do all the idiots come out to the transit centers like at washington sq? It's annoying.  

The top half of the back of this bus is supposed to be black. Instead it's gray with nasty-ness. Yuck

Oh thank you, 56 op. Make us stand in the cold while you have a break in your nice warm bus. Much appreciated.

Why the fuck doesn't reroute buses out of wash sq tc? How is that huge mall any different of a situation than Clackamas tc?  

Well at least the bus showed up. 44 minutes late, but it showed up. That counts for something, right? The bus didn't break down.  

The bafoonery that takes place on trimet. Smh. 

I think I just got serenaded.

Ummmmm... No fare-less area now? Wtf? (@ TriMet Oak/SW 1st Ave MAX Station)

Wife is on bus where driver honked at peds crossing in crosswalk with green light, b'cuz bus was turning and he didn't want to stop 

that this Max is too crowded for idiot fare inspector to walk thru.  

Seriously it exists until 5:07 or so on transit tracker & then suddenly it disappears off transit tracker. Next 77 shows up at 5:35.  

Why does the westbound 77 bus that's supposed to be @ 122nd @ 5:17ish on saturdays NEVER come? Been burned last 3 saturdays. 

what's up with lines 76 & 78? I've been on the corner of Watson and 5th for about 1.5 hours now. Any explanation for absence? 

Aw yeah trimet police showed up and I actually bought a ticket. Swag. 

The fucking trimet guys are so fucking racist. 

Skinheads on trimet sos 

Good news about the tvm i was bitching about all summer to : it got replaced with a new one and the best part is, the new one works! 

I'm going to guess this operator has been at for 21 years... (see the safe driving award patches)

is so irritating. 

The ever successful Sunset tc bike&ride: 1 bike & a whole bunch of vines growing inside!

1st max complaint of day-if u carryin full backpack remember you have several xtra inches on ur back. My wife just got clocked by 1.  

Return to adventures in today-we're using max for malls & downtown Portland. God help us one and all.

2013 ill be living the Trimet life again. Fuck me... I'm not ready 

Red line to airport - delayed by other train T-Boned by car. Delayed again by not having power.  

Fuck you Trimet. America does not make 50 cent bills, nor do your machines accept torn up money.  

Since I don't got a car and trimet loves to do its own thing I hit up the taxi service. 

Type 2 MAX train falling apart

No zones? A camera monitored Park and ride garage? You sure have changed since i left, trimet. I hope we can still be friends. 

Faggot trimet officer ticketed me... 

Nothing is more useless than the sliding handles on the streetcar.  

5468 crapped out 4th & harrison...nice your supervisors can take time to deal with important matters 

MAX 61 (green line) entered 5th/Glisan platform while Vintage Trolley was at the platform 

And who are the two UNUNIFORMED persons at rear of VT operating PA, rear door, and trolley pole? They seem to be unauthorized 

What law or code says it is illegal to wear a hat/jacket? was removed from a trolley... 

supervisor with nothing better to do...BUT created a safety hazard by boarding trolley in the center lane 

Wow, supervisor busting over a hat ...but he boarded the trolley in center lane? AND let cars drive in bus lane? 

Fuck they are by far the worst PTA I've used. If you need to get somewhere walk, it will be faster. You're SOL if you depend on then


Steve Fung said...

Adrianna nails it with the operators that keep the doors closed while on break-No excuse for that.

The Chauffeur said...

Steve, I see it all the time. I am beginning to wonder if I should confront the drivers about it.