Friday, December 28, 2012

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Line 88 operator/1708 just got the bird from a pedestrian for . . . well, just driving the bus! (Really!)

Scheduled 1:25 arriving at 1:40 is by no means acceptable  

Fuck you 78  

eeeeh lol trimet ain't my shit. Takes too long 

Now this is the socially reasonable thing to do. @ TriMet Mall/SW 4th Ave MAX Station

Yep, not making the connection to my 'runs-every-45-minutes' bus today. Thanks, TriMet.  

Looked up just in time to see the girl in the coon hat with her finger knuckle-deep in her nose. Happy Friday!  

« Portland - NE 122 and Burnside - Trimet driver reports seeing a man pull a gun on someone at the ...
I used to live by multnomah(fml sp?) village and would walk to washington square, then take trimet to loyd center. 4 hours...

There should really be separate busses for smokers/non-smokers  

Why do all the passenger windows look like they've been used for sandblasting practice?

Line 88 operator/1708 just got the bird from a pedestrian for . . . well, just driving the bus! (Really!)  

The Trimet max needs wifi and it would be perfect. 

Duct tape on the Streetcar. See what happens when they can't raise fares! :-)  

I hate taking trimet especially by myself 

Screw you for only one yellow line MAX car at Friday rush hour. 

2100 series bus running "not in service" southbound Barbur @ 30th?? Glad I'm driving instead of stranded by "not in svc" bus!! 

next bus here already what can I say Driver is lovely 2 

My husband has riders that complain whether he is ON TIME or not. Some people are just nasty rude. 

To the people bitching about being late etc. Do you think the buses have wings & can fly past traffic tie-ups, accidents etc.? 

My 17 SHOULD be here in 3 minutes. It'll be here in 12. We're 10 minutes away from the start of the route! How! Does! This! Work! 

Is the eastern end of the 20 screwed over like the western end, with the subroute that stops at 23rd? Just have a 15 end at 23rd. 

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