Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Trimet: 1, Paige: 0. Screw Trimet!

is so quiet and lonely this morning. 

Westbound out of downtown is moving again; I would expect minor delays as things get rolling.

Bus operator of line 5102 giving people free rides saying, "Save that money for another time. Merry Christmas". Great bus driver,

Riding Westbound out of Downtown? You might be delayed due to a train malfunction btwn WA Park & Sunset.

LED arrival display is not working at 60th Ave MAX stop

Transit police notify dispatch that a Line 72 bus has "POLICE" on the destination sign; dispatch says they're trying to get it off 

EB Trimet 72 on Killings @ Albina had the word POLICE on its reader board... I contacted PPD... they are looking into it. 

I hate riding trimet at this damn time.....

Screw you Trimet

Got the first spot in the park and ride. That never happens.

I'm getting screwed over by . Bah humbug. 

Trimet: 1, Paige: 0. Screw Trimet

Gotta love folks who think everyone else on Max wants to hear them sing or hum really loudly.  

Oh for sucks sakes Signal issue for green line as we tried to get off the Steel Bridge for Old Town. 

trimet bus it's been awhile. forgot how much I hated the smell of you when it's wet outside... 

Hearing reports that the operator of 5102 is giving out free rrides today cc  

is always watching you....don't be afraid *evil cackling in the background *

What the hell, Hollywood AND Sunset machines?  

merry Christmas from NONE OF OUR STUFF WORKS.  

Hey , the arrival board at 60th is still down. When do you expect this to be fixed?  

Annnd I'm late.. Thanks trimet 😒 

 i just wasted 1.50 using one of my trimet passes when all i need was streetcar one for a dollar. Pay me back now. Thx. 

streetcar station #2011 does not work correctly. Unless payment is free today. It won't print tickets. 

If your boyfriend has a car and your still taking trimet your doing something wrong.. lmao 

Hahahaha yay! No I'm on the max bumping stunt 101 with the trimet police 

Blasting Horizons on the bus. I hope the riders of Trimet like Parkway Drive. c; 

! Y u no go past ruby junction?!

Back door got stuck on the tiny tree again on 75 NB at Hawthorne. Kind of amazed how often that happens. 

Damm you for being early! 

Portland dept of transportation & & & partnered to bring us SEIZURE LIGHTS EVERYWHERE. Fuck you too. 

when you know the validator is broken outside the airport why not post a sign instead of directing customers to backtrack? 

So many people stare on the trimet. Also it smells like warm piss. 

. too bad MAX only serves a small part of town and most buses stop running before midnight. 

Drunk guy just got on the blue line at 102nd and yelled 'MERRY FUCKIN CHRISTMAS!'  

Stupid trimet

I haven't been on trimet in so long I forgot what it's like to have drunk guys Tryna chat me up. 

Hey , the 11 to St Johns just skipped Rivergate Drive. Now I'm stranded for another hour. Thanks for that price hike. 

Wishing I could have a civil but long and very frank discussion with whoever's picking the poems for 's Poetry in Motion® program. 

Open door panel on bus 1602. Safety first at TriMet AKA TriMess!  

tvm 52 isn't working!

Trimet bus drivers are such assholes! 

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