Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Trimet ruins my life. Make your trains work dammit!
TRIMET scanner tweets are    HERE!

Train is a no show. Shocker. Huge group of people waiting in the wind and rain. Awesome. Thanks,

bus 94 at stop 9639 missed the 6:57 this morning. Not sure what happened there? 

veh 2136 on rt 44 broken, blocking rt ln Barbur SB S of Hamilton. 

it's convenient your online complaint form doesn't work. Your CAPTCHA is broken. Not surprised. Details: Stop 6860. #70. 6:54am 

Love waiting for the MAX in the rain... not! (@ TriMet Delta Park/Vanport MAX Station)

I dare say our leader to the 9406 was a no-show...nice crowd at Barbur Blvd P&R along with Tigard Cinemas P&R.  

- unacceptable that your drivers are blowing by stops. The #70. Stop 6860. Also blew by the next stop as well. 

Oh great. I'm on the veh 1430 again. Neil McFarlane and the Board should be FORCED to ride this dump that has broken down too often 

What the? veh 2236 on rt 12 trying to pass the veh 1430 (tr 9406) on Main Street?? 

on time. yay   

Trying to get to the office early, and every 94 is late! trimet

Today employees halted bus arrival to put a mentally ill man on the bus to attack me. oregon 

The BEST bus driver ever on line 15! Makes every stop announcement in Espanol and gave the history of the Morrison bridge!  

TriMet is like pulling a name out of a hat. you never know what you're going to get. sometimes there are freaks. sometimes their nice people 

This man has a dog in his backpack and it's staring at me  

'' my god damn fiance got run over by the trimet '' - my ghetto coworker 

The 60th ave ticket machine is out again. Do other stations have as many problems as this one?  

THANK YOU max driver for turning the heater on. I was freezing!

bus 20 to sunset transit center is now over 20 minutes late. I'm freezing. If you want to compensate me for this fare that'd be good

Stood in the cold for 55 minutes, told bus driver, she hands me a bus schedule and doesn't give half a fuck.  

I hate taking trimet 

$175 ticket for not paying $2.50 . That's outrageous . TriMet can suck my dick ! Bitch .  

Slept on Trimet for the first time ever.. wasn't so bad. :o 

I found one working validator, over on the Forestry Center side. 

Maybe come up to NoPo and post something about the delays on the platform? There's a ton of people up here who don't know. 

Had to stand outside for 40 min waiting for missing number 20 bus at 13th & W Burnside. Thanks for making me late for work... again 

So I suppose the moral is that the grumpy man driving the 8 this AM really had no sense of Christmas cheer. Boo Trimet. 

me: "I'm running late to a meeting + don't have change. That's the ticket I was given." Him: "get off my bus, you're holding me up." 

driver: "that's the wrong transfer ticket." Me: "that's the ticket I was given by the driver." Him: "that's not my goddamn fault."

Fuck you trimet i will not pay you

bus trying to get un-stuck from SW Capitol & SW Vermont. Too slick out here!  

Looks like someone's dog used a Type 4 as a chew toy... (Don't know the train number.)  

Trimet bus stuck on Vermont & SW Capitol... crews working to move it, noone injured  

Both stuck 51s finally managed to make their way downtown

Video: bus 38 stuck in the snow

MT : Roads messed up in west hills. Last 2 buses were no shows and that ends morn service

that's sad. I was on the 56 that came up shortly afterwards & saw EMTs lifting the person into the ambulance 

Brrrrrrr! There is zero heat in this MAX to Hillsboro. Was warmer outside! 

Dear man on the bus, I know for a fact that laying on all 3 seats is uncomfortable. Stop being a dick and let others sit down!  

Omg a trimet bus was sitting on the side of the road and there was a bunch of police and someone chocked him ): 

Not gettin on trimet for AWHILE after thos one 

This driver is stomping his breaks every other two feet. I am nauseated because of it what is the point of 24/7 stalking? 

Trimet ruins my life. Make your trains work dammit! 

I could have been home by now. I really hate you Trimet

teach your ops to speak clearly on the intercom and close the doors to the train when holding  

Our train is pushing the train in front of us. Badass train.  

Train still stuck, close to 30 min now. Errggh. this is frustrating. 

15 minutes and FOUR trains have passed, going the other way. All blue.  

we've all been waiting at Millikan for 30 min. no east bound trains yet. and no posts online. please have some updates! 

Thought I'd take the train to avoid the cold. Blue only station. Rush hour. Next trains in 20 and 24 minutes. Way to go,

Old bus won't start again because it's too cold out. Driver trying battery reset. Doesn't appear to be working. Great.  

30 MINUTES OUT IN THE COLD, no bus, no update to alerts, bus is broken down, nobody updates WHY?!?!?!!?!? 

Oh yes, . I do love when my bus is late. Especially when it's 34 degrees outside and raining. This is just bundles of fun.  

your coin accepter at Beaverton creek not accepting all coins and when I cancelled did not return all of my $$

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