Tuesday, December 18, 2012


And yet they can't answer tweets. What a joke Trimet is. But the joke is not funny because the joke is on its union employees and its riders! (this list is old but look at the size of the paychecks)

Title First Name Last Name Pay 
Information Technology 1125|Director II Timothy J McHugh $145,393.90
Information Technology 1135|Manager II Brett W Baylor $130,868.02
Information Technology 1510|Database Administrator Mary J Streifel $119,097.84
Information Technology 1135|Manager II Ronald L White $114,362.52
Information Technology 1510|Database Administrator Herbert W Landon $113,313.67
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Mustafa Acar $111,291.51
Information Technology 1135|Manager II Arthur J IV (A.J.) O'Connor $111,110.22
Information Technology 1510|Database Administrator Michael Streifel $109,414.99
Information Technology 1135|Manager II Bibiana Kamler McHugh $107,288.12
Information Technology 1135|Manager II Matthew R Fouts $106,288.99
Information Technology 1135|Manager II Debra A Maercklein $105,406.06
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Gaetano G Tinat $104,071.60
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst Harold W JR Hutt $103,398.01
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst Robert M Peterson $102,631.73
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Paul B Hess $101,818.03
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst Michael S Wallace $100,198.40
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst Lori L Johnson $97,770.96
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst Frank W Purcell $97,167.32
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Richard R Jacobi $94,934.41
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst William Y Hu $94,560.66
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst Michael P (Mike) Gilligan $92,405.78
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst Jamshid Mehr $91,737.58
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst Constance (Connie) McClellan $88,738.40
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Frederick Polsky $88,438.62
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst Peter P Aleman $87,977.14
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Vincent K Vu $86,142.93
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst Kathleen V Go $84,329.30
Information Technology 1135|Manager II Jon F Lutterman $83,443.96
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst Bruce S Miehe $83,394.02
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Bruce J Keeler $80,882.95
Information Technology 1515|Network Comm Specialist Steven R Johns $80,708.72
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Michael G Crino $79,850.06
Information Technology 1311|Analyst Freya E Isbell $79,709.74
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Craig Hermann $73,509.70
Information Technology 5310|Supervisor Dawn M Carder $72,797.69
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Tajmon P Newburn $71,384.79
Information Technology 1530|Programmer Systems Analyst Wyatt Baldwin $83,798.59
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Janet D Tandberg $69,656.77
Information Technology 5310|Supervisor Vitaliy S Kovalenko $65,850.26
Information Technology 1520|Business Systems Analyst Myleen Richardson $65,089.72
Information Technology 1311|Analyst Nathan D. Banks $63,633.16
Information Technology 1525|PC Specialist Pavel N Varivoda $63,070.07
Information Technology 1525|PC Specialist Stan Strauss $61,219.57
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer David S King $56,208.75
Information Technology 1555|Helpdesk Technician Amanda M Hawk $50,891.37
Information Technology 4396|Specialist Katherine C McAuley-Watt $50,636.00
Information Technology 1550|Helpdesk Associate Scott W Snyder $43,587.98
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Eric B Weidanz $45,131.15
Information Technology 1540|Software Systems Engineer Joan Yi $17,844.51
Information Technology 1525|PC Specialist Christopher D Roth $7,016.73


Max said...

IT doesn't answer tweets (neither do the guys who maintain the radios). That's more of a function of customer service or marketing.

Al M said...

What else would they do over there?

Max said...

This is like saying the technicians who is in charge of TriMet's radio (dispatch) system should also be in charge of creating TriMet advertisements for the FM dial.

The job for these folks is to make sure TriMets computers stay running and to create/maintain software tools that help TriMet to do its job.

Ex: they create the tools that the schedule writers use, but they don't write the schedules themselves. They create the systems for dispatch, AVL, stop announcements, trip planner, etc - but they are not dispatchers.

Al M said...

Look Max, how many positions do they have?

Al M said...

I don't care what dept its under, it seems like all things that have to do with INFORMATION and TECHNOLOGY should be in the information and technology dept