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Are You a Wellness Champion?

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About twice a year, I get together with the executive team to talk about TriMet’s future. It gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we have done – what worked well, what didn’t -- and what lies ahead. We generally come out of these conversations smarter – more ideas are always better -- and more focused on what we need to do.  Last Tuesday, we met and had a great conversation.  We covered a wide range of topics, such as how to get our finances in order and avoid our own ‘fiscal cliff.’   We also spent time talking about ways to make sure employees have the best information and best tools they need to do their jobs. Some of the specific topics were health and wellness, communication, and technology.

As an example, in the area of health and wellness, we discussed how good health is one of the most important things you can have in life. I think we all can agree with that.  But we know it’s easier to talk about wellness than to practice it!   So in that area we’ve tried our best to provide employees information about health and wellness through health fairs, health awareness campaigns and programs offered through the EAP and our health insurance providers. But, we discussed that maybe that is not enough. Perhaps even more valuable is the support and encouragement you can get from your co-workers. Oftentimes, it is the inspiration and enthusiasm of those around us that makes the difference. We came away thinking that the best wellness program may not be a formal program at all, but simply creating an environment where the many wellness champions who may sit next to us in the office, work alongside us in the shop or share conversation with us at a layover, are encouraged to help others. But, this first takes your help. If you are one of those champions who has an idea or a wellness story to tell, please let your manager or supervisor know. They can help get the ball rolling.  We all know that the greatest success comes from passion and commitment to achieving goals and a little help from our friends.  (By the way, my activity is the annual Heart Walk on May 18th, more on that to come).

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Patience please.

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In one of the rare occasions the other day – I drove to work because of an 'unexpected' dental appointment (ouch). When I got to Center Street – everything I’ve been hearing about parking during construction really sank in. WOW! – I hadn’t really dealt with it because I don’t drive to work. Needless to say – it took me a bit to figure out where to park. Fortunately, one of the flaggers helped me out.
It reminded me of the inconvenience we’re putting a lot of you through. Thanks to the many of you who have to drive – whether you’re one of the first runs pulling out or you have to travel here from another facility – thank you for finding your way through the maze of construction. It’s not easy but I appreciate your patience. I would tell you that there are enough parking spaces, but the path to them may be a little unpredictable. By the way, the lot on the old 'Advantis' site has plenty of open spaces.
All of this is to a good end – because when all is said and done – we’ll have a remodeled Operations Headquarters here at Center Street with a state-of-the-art bus and rail control center, a new training center, and a new MAX alignment that might bring many of you to work so you don’t have to drive. Until then – travel safely through it all. Again, there are plenty of parking spaces – it just might take you a little extra time and patience to find it. We’ll get through it all.

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