Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I have not talked to one Trimet union employee who voted FOR the increase in union dues. NOT ONE! And yet it was a landslide? Something fishy going on?


Ryan Beasley said...

I voted NO

Trimet Rider said...

I said YES.

Why not. Give Bruce a chance. It wasn't his mistakes that got us into this mess. Even Al admits he is impressed with Bruce's actions of late.

Give Bruce a chance.

railsignalman said...

Many Maintenance workers voted yes. We are not afraid to stand up to the intimidation.If we just roll over and not fight them in court... their tactics win.The next contracts will get worse and worseand will cost you more than this little assessment.

Al M said...

Well that proves that my small circle is not representative.
And after what I've heard through the 'grapevine' the $ will be well spent!

I do support it now, now that Bruce is fighting!

Henry Beasley said...

New ERA.