Friday, December 21, 2012


Trimet's insistence on secrecy in the contract negotiations means they have something to hide.
The fact that they are fighting so hard to keep all of that from the public is tantamount to a defeat for them.
The system is rigged in their favor, so they may still 'win' in the end even though they lost in reality.
Take arbitrator GABBA'S decision. If you actually read it you would see for yourself that it was hardly a victory for Trimet. 
He ruled in their favor strictly because he felt he had too. In the text of the ruling is page after page of scalding criticism of Trimet and its union policies. Trimet and its corporate stooges in the media only use the parts of the decision they want  and leave the rest out in order to influence public opinion.
But those of us who follow this stuff, know exactly the kind of people they are and how they do business.
They are the microcosm of a government that cares nothing about the citizens or employees and functions exclusively for private interest rewarding with huge salaries the stooges that call themselves executives for following orders.

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Henry Beasley said...

The point that you make is valid, we all should have looked at the decision that was rendered, and understand that the company and it's lawyers knew that the chances of them losing overall was slim. The decision to not negotiate a proper deal in the first place set us on this path of losing (on only 2 technicalities out of maybe 5), now we have to pick up the chips and roll forward