Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I was starting to feel bad for Mary Fetsch so I convinced my partners to pick a more suitable figure head for the scanner account.

What better figure head than the useless Harry Sapporta, who created the original safety program that was deemed a failure.

Remember how Harry's hiring happened.
Mcfarlane needed a loyal crony to get David Sale and Darla Sturdy off his back so he 'called me up in south America and said "harry how would you like to make 155k"'?

Harry said 'HELL YA NEIL'  I'll be your loyal crony since you knew me from the old days and the rest is history...
See Mr Mcfarlane only wants to play with toy trains so he hired all the other functions of the general manager out to other people, people he could trust to do his dirty work!
They all make fortunes while he whines about the union health care costs, the man has no sense of decency, he is a true slug

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