Sunday, December 23, 2012


Those of us familiar with the inner working of Trimet know there is no shortage of ego maniac stupid people in positions of authority at Trimet.It turned out that they didn't seize anything after checking out the situation but I'm somewhat shocked at the supervisor involved in this incident. I always knew that supervisor to be very cautious when playing 'big man on campus'
As I've said a million times right here on this blog, there are no rules at Trimet. Everybody follows their own set of rules. Here today we have some ignorant road supervisor thinking he has authority to seize Alex's uniform costume that I gave him.
What a fucking moron.
Alex Hawk
You gotta be kidding me, WAYNE would seize property that was not his? I can't believe this supervisor would do that.

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Erik H. said...

Having been a witness to this - I did not follow Alex off the trolley because I had Kaia and Carter with me - it sounded as though the Operator had an issue with Alex as I overheard him going on about it for quite some time after Alex was removed from the train. It was apparently such a major issue, that the Supervisor walked out into the street in mid-block where the Trolley stopped, and boarded the trolley in the MIDDLE OF THE STREET (isn't this a major safety violation?) The Supervisor rode to the next stop when Alex was asked to get off the trolley.

Nevermind the Supervisor's vehicle was also parked "illegally" in the lane a block or two previously, and never mind there were a string of cars in the transit lane that the Supervisor should have been dealing with.

On my return back to the south end of the route, the Supervisor apparently found something better to do - chit-chatting with a bus Operator whose 2900 crapped out on Harrison at 4th, and whose load of riders was forced out and into the train waiting for a replacement bus that was nowhere to be found.

I'm glad TriMet Supervisors have the time to remove riders, who committed no wrongdoing, but can't get their fat ass in gear and make sure people can get to where they are going. And, since that was Alex's first ride on the trolley it was hardly a pleasant one for him...maybe next time, we'll invite the Travel & Leisure people along for the ride.