Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Sunday, July 22, 2012


By time and type Available for download or listening HERE!
(will be available for 24 hours but we are putting them up on YouTube again also)

Jason confronts 73 driver with rules in hand-driver says he doesn't care about the rules

I know that many of my fellow drivers will be unhappy about this post but I spent 15 years at Trimet trying to undue the damage that these type of operators have done to the public and our public perception.

In this clip we will see that the driver of 73 train 2 on this last Saturday afternoon tells Jason to his face he doesn't care about the rules and he 'can call Trimet all he wants'.

We have already seen Trimet defend this operator in a previous clip and Trimet ignores my complaint, I am in the same league as Erik Halstead, two people that Trimet refuses to deal with because we show the side of Trimet that they refuse to acknowledge.

These horrible operators are more prevalent than you think. They have been dragging down this agency for years and I place full Blame on Trimet management for allowing these operators to function unimpeded.

The public should be aware that it is the management that has created this monster that has gotten beyond their control. Now they attempt to pass blame to the union due to their management incompetence.

Jason rides with Dan Schenk!

Civic pride, on a bus

An Albany Parks & Recreation bus, seen here at the Albany Transit department's parking lot next to the Amtrak station.  Wouldn't it be nice if TriMet actually created a series of buses that were wrapped for each city TriMet served?  A City of Forest Grove bus, a City of Tigard bus, a City of Milwaukie bus, a City of Troutdale bus, and so on...

Albany can figure out good bus stops

13 year old bus being scrapped!!!!

Oh, the horrors!  This 13 year old Cherriots EZ-Rider bus sitting in a scrapyard in the Salem Industrial Park.

If this were a TriMet bus, it'd be in operation, probably looking very much the same as in this condition, but expected to carry riders in daily service.

Leonard has run in with Cab driver

Only in Portland would you see a sign like this

Portland Multi-Model Paradise


Anybody notice that Trimet has not released its June ridership stats?

TriMet: Performance Dashboard
And I think I know why:

Seen on Facebook-from an operator

Was waiting to make a reilief at 82nd Max and a ticket machine repair guy was there working on machine.He said machines were junk and that even though he was fixing it, he would be called back again for repairs tomorrow or next day

Trimet Board of Sock Puppets July Briefing

If you can stomach watching these people:





AUSTIN, Texas — reported that an off-duty Capital Metro bus driver boarded a bus, then shot and killed himself in front of bus passengers Tuesday night. The driver pulled over and the passengers evacuated the bus. No one was else injured.

In a statement released on the incident, Capital Metro said the employee had been placed on suspension for disciplinary reasons earlier in the month. For the full story, click here.

Off-duty Cap Metro employee commits suicide on bus | Austin

Blast from the past

I can't believe the amount of material that I have accumulated over the years-its really impressive.
Anyway I remember when I used to be able to film while driving and there was a spectacular lightning show going on:


One week and still out of service


Alan Eiesenberg rants on current events

In case you haven't noticed-Alan is an LIVING EXAMPLE of why the retirees need their contract and promises honored regarding the medical coverage.

OPERATORS (or anyone else for that matter) YOU WANT TO GET IN SHAPE?

Business owned by Trimet Operator Michael Giles


The title of this post is "what I think of Mcfarlanes contract"