Friday, May 17, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet'

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
I'm taking my permit test next week. SCREW TRIMET

Can't wait until I can drive and stop using the trimet to get to places

Fare nazis just gave someone a WARNING at Lloyd center.

Just got honked at by a bus for allowing a bicyclist to pass before turning. Would you rather me have run her over?!

This is unacceptable!!!

6:26pm. What's the westbound holdup?

Trimet aint shit!

This driver is pretty vocal with road rage. Not a good look, but what else do you expect from them?

Bus 7004 arrives 25 minutes to SE 13th and Tacoma. Finally on the bus. No alert given being late. 4h
that feeling when you and 12 other people are waiting at a stop and no bus comes.

Line 70 to Rose Quarter Transit Center a dozen people without a bus. Why no 70 to SE 13th and Tacoma?

The inspectors I've encountered riding MAX all seem very professional. Seen a few nasty bus drivers, though.

Why do people with bikes push their way to be first on MAX? They block the door while hanging the bike up. Let other people on first

Bus driver on line 16 is splitting lanes on Bridge Ave, breaking the law. ID number 2156.

The dreadlocked backpacking hippies that got on the 75 are giving me a contact high.

First ride on newest bus for commute. Not missing the usual 80s era vehicle.

Tell train 315B to turn the damn heat down. Lady next to me is about to pass out.

To the car that tried to cut in front of the bus in downtown Portland, the bus will always win!

Instead of Bus-Transfers how about compulsory Bus-Freshners?

Nice enough dog, but needs to enforce. Too many bring unacceptable dogs on.

i text trimet about my life problems but all they do is tell me when the fucking 70 is coming

Who the fuck is whispering on Trimet... I'm actually so creeped out...😳😭😖

Freaking trimet is playing games with me they must know I have somewhere to be today.

The moment I hop my ass back on Trimet, I swear I've hit rock bottom

Tweeting about weeaboo on trimet quickly escalated into confrontational deranged max goer. Exciting night.

Then some crazy dude started racist homophobic slurs right in the middle of the train in front of them and was escorted out.

Waiting for the 57 and it disappeared from the tracker and never showed up. Thanks .

The trimet bus driver gave me and cali free bus tickets cause we're going out for a friday night

When tweakers start talking to you in the 72 at night

Only thing worse than a stupid kid screaming bloody murder on a train is stupid kid screaming bloody murder in a foreign language.

Guy on max asking all the cute women if they can spare a smile. They, scowling, thinking he wants smokes

The percentage of riders taking up 2 or more seats on this rush hour Max is astounding.

About to miss our more-than-one-hour-frequency bus due to MAX delay. Thanks, !

Time for the Friday commute on the I always look forward to the smell of stale cigarettes, booze, body odor, and farts!

I hate that the 24 Fremont runs so infrequently, but look at it during rush hour!

me too! Thanks to getting rid of free rail zone I've lost 15lbs...

if the damn trimet is late again ill kill someone

I started bike commuting daily thanks to !

Dude, seriously. is single-handedly convincing me that I need to buy a car. Unreliable.

Really ? Friday afternoon and no bus whatsoever. Pretty awesome way to start the weekend.

Any reason westbound MAX is stacked up like cordwood?

oh cool. Leaving work early will get me home at the usual time.

4pm Friday, westbound train #402 delayed at goose hollow because of broken door.

First time the smell of pot smoke has filled a bus I've been on. To be fair, we've been stuck here for a while. It is 4:20 somewhere

If I were a trimet bus driver I would throw up the deuces when I passed another bus.

Man, I was having a good day. Until we hit SE Division, at 3:45 pm on Fri, slow train at 11th. This intersxn needs a major redesign.

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