Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Strange Trimet incident reports

Operator f called Control and said that he was running 16 minutes late and wanted to know if I could help with his problem of not getting a break. Control asked why he was 16 minutes late and he asked where do you want me to start and went on with a litnany that didn't make any sense.
Control said that he understood that he got a restroom break at CTC. He said only five minutes and he demanded his FEDERALLY mandated break time.??? Control arranged to relieve the operator from his operating duties from Rose Quarter to Jackson Terminus. Unit 9521 relieved him and operated in Revenue Service from Rose Quarter to Jackson and back to IRQ. Giving the operator 30 minutes of break time. This particular operator is constantly late and always asks for special consideration from Control. Either to short line him to get him ontime or to relieve him.

Operator 1xxx left the yard 10 minutes late . Bill has called control many times with complaints about operating type 1 vehicles. When assigning the yard I had a set of low floors on the West end of the yard that I could assign to him to help him out with his issues. These were assigned to this train due to the gap between West ladder use and had plenty of time to use the west ladder and not interfere with other pull outs. Bill called control with a defect one minute past his assigned pull out from
storage. He was told that with the late notice of the defect he will need to run with it. He finally called for permission to leave 5 minutes late. He missed a call loop in the yard and needed to pull back but did not inform control. This resulted in him arriving at 1010 late. When requesting prop/brake he was given permission to select at 1010 on his time, not 10 minutes late!

Operator called West Control and asked if any measures would be taken to take train 9007 out of the line up. I responded by informing the operator that train 9007 was a main line train with service to Gresham (the train comes into the yard at 197th), and that because of that fact no measures would be taken. Operator then called on the CBD air and spoke to that controller, requesting the same accommodation. I then contacted the operator and requested a report for violation of rule B4.1.B "Both the console and portable radios will be set for the proper channel unless directed otherwise by Control". Operator then made a comment on the West air that they needed to get people to be controllers that could do the job. Operator then made another comment on the CBD channel. Additional rule violation B4.3 Employees shall not transmit a false distress communication, false call numbers, unnecessary, irrelevant or personal communications or use indecent or profane language on the air.

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