Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Otherwise knows at our local GESTAPO. Using storm trooper tactics to impose excessive fines on a mostly  economically disadvantaged population combined with Trimet's total lack of accountability for all the wrongs they perpetuate on the public is my definition  of Fascism!


Jeff Welch said...

The Gestapo and Nazis were responsible for the wholesale murder of over 6 million people. Comparing fare inspectors to Nazis is patently ridiculous.

Al M said...

It's the boarding of trains and 'papers please' that is very similar indeed.

NO they are not carting people off to gas chambers, but they are acting like storm troopers.

Everybody gets hung up on death camps and misses the entire rest of the history

rainmagix said...

It's hard to say people just get hung up on the death camps. Like we should really see beyond that. Like the old saying "Other that how did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln.

Come on there is rational equation on earth where Trimet Fare inspectors equal Gestapo in any way.

Simply by asking for your lawful proof of fare?

Proof of fare and needing a ID and travel passes by an institution that was an organ of oppression in an Authoritarian state not the same.

That would be like calling you the Gestapo because you like them breath air and drink water.

Comparisons like this only damage your credibility and are unworthy of the good work you do.

Al M said...

Sorry I see the fare inspection techniques as heavy handed with abusive fines not that much different from a fascist regime.

Especially since it primarily preys on people of low economic status.

I will not back down on this one, nope.

Jeff Welch said...

Whether or not you agree with fare inspection or their techniques, comparisons to mass murderers is vastly inappropriate and disrespectful to those who die and lost and well the rest of humanity.

Nevertheless - you gotta be you, Al. Don't you go changin' to please me (or anyone else). :=

Al M said...

Just so ya know jeff, i have changed my vocabulary, I know only use the word STORM TROOPER and not GESTAPO