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Official Complaints to Trimet (some good ones in there)

Rather sad reading these. They are written with such feeling, yet we know that nothing will change as a result of any of the complaints

I discussed the original complaint with Mr. Lamberth. He informed me that the operator was complaining about the under develop land on the east side of Powell blvd.  In particular, areas on SE Powell blvd between SE 94th and SE 174th.  In those area, the sideways are not develop and it would be extremely difficult to find an ideal loading and unloading zone for people in mobility devices.  I would recommend the operator to review SOP B602 because the operator can load and unload at any spot where it is safe to do so.

SIP mention the new buses having a raised "cone" on the ramp.  I took pictures of the 3000 series bus and found no raised cone or barrier.  After looking over the 3000 series, it is the perfect bus to do the Powell blvd under develop area because it gets extremely low upon kneeling the bus.  The angle on the ram is slight. My estimation of the ramp to ground  in kneeling position is about 8" inches. 

17 months ago we replaced all of the fareboxs in the buses the manufacturer of the Farebox recommends 1 unit repair mechanic per 100 fareboxs in rebuild to maintain them Trimet has 1 mechanic in unit repair for 696 fareboxs isn't this a failure to properly maintain the 3.6 million dollar investment the public paid for.

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I am new to the bus riding system.  I decided to try riding the bus and leaving my car at home.  One thing I found has been very annoying.  An example is today.  I had a doctor appt. that ran over and I just missed my bus.  When the next bus came my transfer had just expired.  I was told I needed to purchase a new ticket.  I am a senior citizen and requested that if that was the case I would like to make my fare that was now $2.00 instead of $1.00 and  exchange it for the $2.00 daily pass.  I was told that was not possible.  WHY NOT!   It also  should also apply to all full fair riders that in this case would have paid $5.00 for a bus ride.  That’s a lot of money for a bus ride!  They too should be given a daily pass.

Dear Mr. J:       After waiting 25 minutes and then riding yet another congested Hillsboro bound MAX this morning, I was reminded about the exciting possibilities TriMet is currently exploring (and I learned about and discussed with TriMet staff at the above-captioned Open House).  I am referring to the possibility that TriMet may build some improvements, e.g., new turn around and/or some third trackage at the Willow Creek MAX Station (NW 185th and Baseline), and thereby enable you to extend Red Line PDX Airport service further west from its present terminus at Beaverton Transit Center on to Willow Creek.   I say exciting because:   this is something TriMet is looking at on their own initiative, and I appreciate and applaud that;   the cost could be relatively modest (2 to 3 million dollars) and therefore doable in the near future;    would bring much needed additional MAX service and frequency between the Beaverton Transit Center and points west to NW 185th, the trains are now very full much of the time between those two points, and those improvements would be much appreciated and useful to Washington County residents;    allow many more people to enjoy direct airporter service from much deeper inside Washington County;   end the frustration that have come from cut backs to MAX frequency west of the Beaverton Transit Station.  I believe those cut backs occurred after the Red Line came into Washington County, cut backs that have been noticed; and finally   I believe the relatively modest outlays at Willow Creek will bring large returns (in the form of considerable rider ship increases) for TriMet and its Westside patrons.     Sincerely,       Washington County Commissioner (District # 1, Aloha, Beaverton and Cooper Mountain)         -----Original Message----- From: Joseph, Jon [] Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 3:32 PM To: '' Subject: Transit open houses     Thank you for taking the time to attend one of our transit open houses this month.  With nearly 300 people in attendance, this year's events proved once again how important good transportation options are to the livability of our community.   We're currently reviewing the comments we received, and will consider each of them as we move toward a final Bus Relocation Plan for the downtown mall. This Friday, March 31, marks the end of the public comment period for the Bus Relocation Plan.  Please send your comments to    Also, please be sure to visit our new and improved website at to learn more!   Thanks again for your feedback.   Jon L. Joseph Marketing Programs Coordinator TriMet 4012 SE 17th Avenue Portland, Oregon  97202

    According to YouTube, the background music in "Nick"'s video is copyrighted or does not under the Public Domain/Royalty Free. (Is copyrighted by the 
Digital Millennium Copyright Act)Same with "Stevie"'s background music.
    Another note about Stevie's video, he received 400+ votes in one day. I highly doubt this happening in real life circumstances and you can see that the day after this contest he gained less than twenty votes. A link to his video was also found on a "vote exchange" forum. It has since been removed.     Felix and Stevie's were published to YouTube and in the TriMet Rules it states: "You further represent and warrant that the Work has not won any award and has not been produced for any other contest, Contest, contract, or agreement with any other party. By submitting the Work to TriMet, you grant TriMet an irrevocable and royalty-free license to copy, modify, edit, distribute, and display the Work for no additional consideration or payment." But as his video was released on YouTube, he is irrevocably giving complete rights to his video to YouTube, Google, and any/all affiliates as stated here in the YouTube Terms of Service:  "publish Content you submit; and you license to YouTube all patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights in and to such Content for publication on the Service pursuant to these Terms of Service."  "by submitting Content to YouTube, you hereby grant YouTube a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform the Content in connection with the Service and YouTube's (and its successors' and affiliates') business, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the Service (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels. You also hereby grant each user of the Service a non-exclusive license to access your Content through the Service, and to use, reproduce, distribute, display and perform such Content as permitted through the functionality of the Service and under these Terms of Service" I believe that by violating these rules they have received more votes than they would've without and directly violated the Terms.
Thank you,

Is there any logical reason the shorty 78 runs from Tigard to PCC always start 6-8 minutes late? The driver is coming straight from the yard, if there is always traffic why can't ge leave earlier? The 8:12a run has been late to arrive at Tigard every day for nearly 2 months now.
I won't even mention the full 78 route due @ 8:16, that's an even bigger cluster@%*$.

Recently a crew worked to clear and replant items in the storm water catchment structure next to the SE corner of the Elmonica station parking lot. It appears that rainwater should be trapped in the first section until it fills up and overflows into the next section, but after our recent rains it is apparent that there is a channel under the barrier between the two sections, which is keeping the new plants in the second section submerged. Would you please pass this on to the appropriate department? I'd hate to see their recent replanting work go to waste.

I am attaching a photo that is marked with the location of the leak/channel.


To: "" <>
Cc: "" <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 2:41 PM
Subject: High volume overhead transfer announcements on buses--driver training issue

Hi.  I would like to suggest that all bus drivers be trained to LOWER THE VOLUME of the overhead transfer announcements on the INIT screen.  The highest volume setting is FAR TOO LOUD FOR HUMAN EARDRUMS!  (Emphasis added to imply high decibel level of the loudest volume setting.  Who wrote the software program for this?  Has anyone tested the decibel level of the announcements to find out how loud the highest volume setting is?  If not, I hope you test the decibel level.)  I've spoken to more than one bus driver about this issue & only one of them told me he could lower the volume of the overhead transfer announcements from the INIT screen which replaced the Vehicle Control Heads (VCHs).  I know it can be done.  It's a shock to the ears to hear such a high decibel level, especially in the mornings after awakening for the day.
I would like feedback on this issue to know what is being done to test the volume & adjust the volume of the overhead announcements on the buses.
Thank you for your time.

#4 driver, bus 2521
This driver does not know the route.
Missed stop at Burnside, another driver had to indicate the turn onto Everett, the passengers had to direct him Into and through rose quarter, missed the left onto Fremont, and had to go around the block and back down to Fremont.
The passenger that boarded at Fremont and Gantenbein said, oh its you no wonder. Then missed the right onto Mississippi. Oh wow. We'll see if he makes it the rest of the way.

I witnessed the driver of the Line #71 bus blow through a crosswalk right outside of Franklin High School (52nd and Woodward) this morning, 3/18/2013 at approximately 8:10. I understand there is a bus stop immediately on the other side of the crosswalk, but that doesn't excuse violating traffic laws. There were approximately 10 students waiting to cross on both sides of the street, and it was quite obvious they were waiting to cross. As I have spent many years riding Trimet, I was really disappointed to see the driver be so careless. Both of my kids are students at Franklin High School and actually ride the #71 frequently. I would hope that a driver who had to transport high school students and drive so near a school would be more cautious, especially when there are so many students present right before or after school.   Thanks.     A - Portland Police Bureau Burglary Task Force

Never mind. Looks like the delay was an accident. But still, is there not a way to have accurate electronic signs? Otherwise what is the point of them. Thanks.
On Mar 7, 2013 4:27 PM, "Roy > wrote:
Well thanks for having a no show during rush hour. #92 at 4:10 today downtown just never showed. Your electronic sign showed the countdown, and then once it clicked to 4:10, it reset for another 30 minutes. WTF? Do you just not know where your busses are?

Bus Line 70 (7003 bus), 05:40a
I am out on 17th and Spokane minutes before that line is suppose to arrive. But I check my phone app & it moves the time of arrival forward. This has made me late to work. What is the problem?

Ramp on 229B follow up.


I had some difficulty with the ramp jamming while deploying the other day and received a note asking me to contact customer service with more information.

It was:

2/22/13 @ 4:40pm at Delta Park  - yellow line south bound to city center.

I use a power wheelchair. (Permobil C500 an ADA compliant chair built for transit) (not over sized)

I had to use the ramp at the other end of the car.


While I am writing, I'll also note that the annual pass I just received is short a month. Not a huge deal but it started this month and the month is basically over. I expected it to start in March as I just paid for it in mid-February.

Let me know if that can be easily resolved and please let me know if you have additional questions or if I can be of assistance in any way.

Thank you,


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This is the third time in a month that the 8:32 56 bus hasn't shown up at SW 5th & Burnside. I'm hoping that the 9:32 bus decides to show up. Why can't the stop signs warn us when the line is cancelled? I am so sick of being late to work. This is ludicrous. It shouldn't take 3 hours to get from NE Portland to Tigard. Why does this keep happening?


  The 77 bus stop at NW21st and NW Glisan doesn't have enough space marked off for the bus stop properly at the bus stop. It should rezoned by the city or whoever is in charge of that.

Someone left the big silver breaker box open at the se Main Street max station. I shut it, but its not locked...


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76 bus this morning

I tweeted to the trimet account this morning about my frustrations and they said I should email.
Every Monday I wait at the bus stop at martinazzi ave and sagert in Tualatin to head towards beaverton. The bus is supposed to leave meridian park hospital at 8:45. Usually gets to where I'm at by 8:51-2. Then I get off at the WES transfer to catch the last train going to beaverton at 9:01 so I can be to work at 9:30.
I believe there are only two stops between meridian park and where I'm at. Today the bus showed up at my stop at 8:59. There were 3 people on the bus, none handicap so it wasn't waiting for the lift. I already knew it was going to be too late to catch the train but figured the driver would maybe try to make up some time for leaving meridian park late. Not a care in the world. His acceleration was in pulses, making me feel like a bobblehead. Twice while we were at a red light, he didn't go when it turned green so we had to wait for the next green light. We arrived at Beaverton TC just shy of 15 minutes late; making me 20 minutes late to work.
I just wish that driver's understood that people depend on them to get to work on time based on the posted trimet times. I understand if there are an unusual amount of riders and there are more stops being made they get behind. I understand traffic. What I don't understand is leaving a starting point so late knowing that they hadn't just finished getting back from Beaverton (I know this because a different 76 bus passes my stop going the other way right around the same time my bus gets to me.) I don't understand how the driver is not paying attention to the stop lights when at a red light.  In the future I may just skip the bus and walk to the WES station. Thanks for listening.

Your social media people directed me to this address in response to complaints I made on twitter regarding malfunctioning fare machines along the Yellow line (starting at Prescott Street) and being told to go to the next platform to buy a ticket, where I was promptly stranded by the yellow line max (and where the ticket machine there also didn't work). I don't have time right now to pull all the relevant tweets, but if you search for my account - @billlascher - and trimet I'm sure they shouldn't be too hard to find. I was told by your twitter account that you would like to have an "extended conversation" about this, so feel free to contact me during normal working hours to do so. 
Thank you,
-------------- Freelance Journalist and Storyteller

This morning I was greatly inconvenienced when Bus 57 arrived at bus stop 5618 at 6:41 instead of 6:43.  I was running to the bus run but there are is a small set of steps right before the stop so the driver did not see me.

I am amazed how such a progressive bus system can offer such poor service.  It seems that in the last five days there have been three major interruptions.  Either the bus arriving early, the bus arriving very late (more than 5 minutes), and the bus just not showing up (as happened last week).

Some people rely on the bus as a means to get to work.  Some people are very dependent on the bus.  Some people wake up at 5:45am every morning, leave their house at 6:25am every morning, just to make it to the bus stop by 6:41am (even though the bus is supposed to arrive at 6:43).  It is very frustrating when I miss the bus by 5 seconds.

I think it would be reasonable for you to extend a small token as a show of good will for all the inconvenience you have cause in the last 5 days.  For example a month bus pass would be greatly appreciated.  Below is my address.

Thanks you.


How is Tri-Met doing? Spent all the tax dollars so some bikes and pedestrians could get to farmers market, it didn't bring prosperity here. Hmmm.

Hi, I'm writing to voice my frustration of a rider who depends ( and pays) upon trimet to get to school on time. This is the first time I've complained but not the first time that a bus has never showed up. I'm referring to bus 9 at stop 7594. This has happened way too often. And it makes me late for class, which makes me look unprofessional. Thanks.

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Hi, I take the 15 line in the mornings sometimes, and there are some new buses that make a really loud beeping sound as we're boarding the bus.  It's quite extremely loud, enough that I wonder if it's actually within safe noise levels for people who are standing right outside the bus. Can you let me know if there are any figures on that?
Thanks, K

I'm trying to buy a 10-pack of adult 2-hr passes on  I click "Add to Cart" under the tickets, get to the confirmation page, click "Proceed to checkout", and I get a message telling me there is nothing in my cart, and the URL changes to .  Also my Web of Trust displays a red circle for that URL (it has a green one for the page, and the Trimet site itself), indicating a dangerous or untrustworthy site.  Could this be a phishing attempt, or is the URL supposed to redirect to that?  Also, when I go back to, the tickets are back in my cart, but I am unable to check out without getting that message/the URL redirecting.  It also redirects if I click on My Account.
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Dear TriMet,
Would it be too much trouble to ask either the train operators or the maintenance staff to either use the wipers at the ends of the  trains or clean the windscreen every so often? Riding a Green Line train to Gateway and having to stare through the filth on the windscreen is a bit non conducive to the clean public image that your organization is striving for.
Thank you for your time.
Take care,

Tri-Met trains & buses say NO SERVICE on their Destination Brd, its the honest future Tri-Met offers. GO UNION or go home to a one bdrm Apt.

To whom it may concern,

I am beyond frustrated that when a rider encounters a problem, we are told to contact customer service because you want to know of the problem, yet do nothing to fix said problem. I ride Line 94 at the Sherwood Cinema Park and Ride (stop id 9639) daily and it is always late.  Trip planner states it should arrive at my stop at 3:04, yet is it constantly 7-10 minutes late with no apology from the driver.  By the time it shows up, it should be at the next scheduled stop in King City.  By being late with no regard for those of us who rely on Trimet to get us places, you are making rider late for work and also making connections at Tigard Transit Center.  I also find it very unprofessional that when I call customer service, I am told rather rudely that I should A) arrive earlier to my stop to make sure I am not late and B), buses are not considered late unless it's been 10 or more minutes.  Most 94 buses go from Sherwood to Tigard and back again, there is no reason why buses should be late.  The Express bus coming from Portland, there is reason to be late since downtown Portland traffic is horrible during rush hour, but they can seem to be on time arriving at their stops.  If Trimet driver have no desire to arrive at stop on time, then please do not give times via your trip planner.  There have been multiple days when the 94 has been late that I have had to be driven to Tigard, only to hear from my ride on their return trip home, the same people waiting for my bus where still waiting almost 20 plus minutes later. 

There seem to be more concerns about this change that either Trimet doesn't care about or is slow in fixing.  20 minutes of waiting to make a connection from the 94 to 12 and 12 to 94 is ridiculous and it needs to change.  Seeing bus drivers not care that buses are late is unprofessional, and being told to arrive early to catch a bus is also.  Please don't insult the riders of your buses by telling us what we should do, when it's your job to make sure you are on time and get your riders from point a to point b in a reasonable time.

I highly doubt anything I have said will mean anything to someone whose job it is to reply to numerous rider complaints and reply with the generic "sorry to hear about this problem thank you for letting us know, we value our riders and their concerns, and will work on fixing this soon" or something along those lines.  Actually keep your work and fix things things to make your riders happy and drivers nicer.


Hello! I recently noticed that the shelter was taken away from the westbound 14 bus stop at SE 30th & Hawthorne. My guess would be that this is related to the construction at that corner lot. Can you tell me if the shelter will be replaced, and when?   Thanks! V

Dear TriMet,
Why do we need a k-9 cop on TriMet? What is its intended purpose? Is the dog going to issue citations for fare evasion? How can the expense of training, the upkeep, the veterinary care, how can that be justified on a public transit system? I can understand the purpose of a k-9 dog on the police force, but a transit system? Do you really have to chase down fare evaders to issue them citations?
Thank you for your time.

Twice the 55 has not shown up for stop 2484 at 8:12 am. This happened on Friday the 19th and Thursday the 25th, leaving people stranded.

Hello there,

My name is Brandon , I'm a frequent MAX rider. The last few days, the machines have not been accepting my debit card. This started the day after you ran your advertised system maintainance (on Twitter, you said cards wouldn't be accepted for a short while). The machine will either say "Cannot Contact Bank" or "Authorization Declined". My card has not been having issues anywhere else, only at your machines.

I went to my bank and they said my card is fine and I know I have more than enough funds for the cost. This has become really frustrating. I rely on TriMet to get to work and I rarely have extra cash on me.

How can I fix this? Any help is appreciated.


TriMet, we the people riding the number 12 line bus are not fond of the route format any longer! We do not deserve to wait a half hour for a bus at any time of the day. Did you not think when you instated the change? Winter is right around the corner and we have to wait out in the cold for a second bus- foolish!! Everyone riding is wanting back the old buses, one way to Portland and one way back. No second bus, no fuss! Also, no more half hour waits, fifteen minutes is enough!

I have been waiting at bus stop id: 6774 at ne 15th and Alberta for about 45 minutes. A bus was supposed to arrive at 6:17 which didn't show up. The next bus was supposed to show at 6:40 and still has not arrived. Why does the transit tracker say that a bus will show up and then it never arrives? This is very disappointing as I was supposed to make it to a party at 7:30 and this is now impossible. I'm sooo disappointed in the service and the fact that now I will have to let my friend down by being over an hour late to her dinner.

If I had known the busses weren't going to show up, I would have taken a different bus line(s) to make it on time.

Please respond. Thanks!


Hi there,

I was hoping to find out how to get a refund, since I took the 70 from all of Tacoma to Bybee only to find out the 19 had shown up over five minutes early which, with the 30+ minute wait for the next bus pretty much made my pass a waste of money.

How do I get refunded for the service that TriMet offered but did not actually provide?


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On September 27,2012 the Red Line Train to City Center/Beaverton failed to depart as scheduled at 11:49p.m. Many riders were wondering if the Train hadn't arrived as it was 11:41p.m. and the train is usually already there ready for it's original scheduled departure. However, NO Red Line Max was waiting to depart as usual. It had depart earlier than scheduled. I am an Aiport PDX employee and it is ridiculous that we rely on you guys to have our back as a  form of transportation and you decide to depart early. I suggest that your supervisor goes over any logs of departures/arrivals, or inspections by the Trimet security with the train operator. This comes to show that the train operator had no consideration whatsoever with the regular costumers and tourists who come to visit this town. It left stranded behind more than 25 riders who usually pay $2.50 or $5 for a full day and had to find either a ride or use a much more expensive alternative such as cab ride. I work in the costumer service industry and I hope that this matter is not overlooked and that Trimet takes care of the matter. Thanks, PG

Yesterday, my friend and I had long-waited for CL Streetcar that it did not come picked up us at SW 10th and Columbia, we puzzled NS Streetcar comes for most time more than CL Streetcar. We may not like boards in NS Streetcar took us to NW 10th & Johnson station then another we had long-waited for CL Streetcar that it did not come picked up us again. I asked passenger contacts with Streetcar operator then they told me that we walked down to NW Lovejoy and NW 8th or 9th Station, we spotted CL Streetcar does not go down from NW 11th to SW 11th Avenue. we did not have any CL schedule printed. CL Streetcar is on web schedule seems incorrect. Let me know. Thanks. smile

Mr. David 

Bus 2606, Rt. 70, 9/24/12

Here's my recounting, as requested: As the bus was sitting stationary at the stoplight at SE 11th and Belmont bus stop, several passengers on the bus started calling out to the driver that someone was running to catch the bus.  A few seconds later, I see the person pass in front of the bus, then stand waving at the door, while the bus is still stationary.  At least a full second elapsed with the person waving outside the closed door when the driver pulled away from the stop.  Several passengers then called out to the driver that the person outside wanted to get on the bus.  The driver's non-sequitur response to this was (and I quote): "I didn't hit her!".  Probably assuming they were misheard, the passengers repeated that the person had wanted to get on the bus.  Again, the driver, in what I would characterize as a belligerent and self-congratulatory tone announced that he hadn't hit the person.  There was some well-warranted jeering from the passengers at that point. Seemingly agitated, the driver roared to the next stop, coming in quite hot before a very bumpy and jerky stop. That's where I exited.


I had a rude experience withyour #54 driver on Bus 2919 at 8:12 in the morning at the burnside and 5th stop.

I make a point of communicating with every driver when I get on the bus with my bike (since the bus is huge and I am small and standing in front of it).  I do this by making eye contact or telling them when the door opens.  I wait for their acknowledgement before stepping in front of the bus.  In every experience until this morning the bus drivers have been appreciative or at least acknowledge my safe actions.

This morning the driver just stared forward.  I wasn't sure they had seen me so when the door opened I let him know I was putting my bike on.  He finally acknowledged with an obviously annoyed yes.  When I got on the bus I asked if there was a problem.  He was aloof and rude.  I told him so much and he threatened to throw me off the bus.

I work in customer service and I can tell you this is not how you provide good service.  Your drivers don't just drive busses, they represent your company and create the experience for the passenger.  I have had some great experiences with your drivers in the past.  This one was poor.  For standing up for my safety and quality of service I was threatened to be removed from the bus.


I would like to pass along a suggestion that I feel would be helpful to
me and the citizens of both Portland and Vancouver. I am currently a
resident of East Vancouver, but I attend Warner Pacific College in
Portland. One of the main reasons why public transit is not an option in
my daily commute is the route it takes.

For me to get from my home to my school, I would have to board a bus
from Vancouver that would take me all the way to downtown Portland. Then
from downtown Portland to Southeast Portland where I attend school.

The following setup would be especially beneficial to me. If the bus
stopped at Cascade station, I could then catch the MAX to the Division
station and catch a bus going west to school.

With the current arrangements, I would spend more than likely two hours
in transit, which would force me to leave for school at 5:30 to be on
time at 8:00.

With this alternative, not only would the bus stay on course towards its
downtown drop off, but I would save probably an hour or more in commute

Please consider my suggestion, so that I can have an alternative means
of transit to school.

-- - Send your email first class

7:45am.  That’s the time I walked into the office this morning.  My start time is 7am.

I walked out the front door of my house at 6:20am.  I walked three blocks, which took me three minutes to get to stop #10303 at SE King Rd and Home Ave in Milwaukie.  I was there a full minute before the 6:24am #31 was supposed to arrive.  It didn’t.  I sat and waited for the next one – on the coldest morning in over 6 months – which was supposed to arrive at 6:54am.  It also did not!  At 7:10am, more than a full 45 minutes after arriving at stop #10303, and 10 minutes after I was supposed to be sitting here at my desk WORKING, I finally gave up.  I walked back home, I hopped in my car, and I drove downtown.  Parking for the day is going to cost me $16, and that doesn’t include the gasoline I had to burn today – conservatively estimated at, $3.88.  Add potentially lost wages for the time I missed this morning, these are all unnecessary expenses that I have now accrued due to an egregious failure of your system, and out of pocket expenses which I believe are unacceptable and require compensation.

I now pay $100 per month to your company – not to mention the untold (and increasing) tax dollars I’ve paid toward your operations, maintenance and expansion – for a level of service and reliability that I feel is not being met, and is only declining.  Now, it has begun costing me even more money out of pocket.  If I can’t rely on one of the best, most efficient public transportation systems in the United States to get me the 8 miles from my home to my work because of BACK TO BACK failures – be it a sick driver, problems with the equipment, whatever – then I believe I am paying FAR too much money into your company to begin with, and you do not deserve the money that you receive.  As a registered voter and constituent of Clackamas County, my vote has a direct impact on TriMet’s bottom line.  Please remember that.

This is not the first issue I’ve had.  In fact, I ride your buses to and from work daily, and I would say there is something out of whack at least twice a week.  I’ve been driven past on multiple occasions, left waving and screaming on the platform during broad daylight.  I’ve been crammed into the aisles of extremely overcrowded buses with over 80 other passengers.  I’ve been on buses that have broken down, buses that have driven off route and become lost, and (like today) waited for buses that simply never show up.  I’ve ridden with drivers who quite frankly shouldn’t be operating a motor vehicle at all, let alone one as big as a city bus, thought I was going to end up flying through the windshield on multiple occasions, been knocked to the floor a few times, been in buses that have blatantly run red lights and nearly caused collisions, locked up their rear tires, and flown across the Hawthorne bridge in excess of 50 mph.  I’ve been threatened and even assaulted by unruly passengers only to have drivers do nothing when notified, seemingly without care.

Daily, I question the frequency of some routes over others, especially when I see multiple #4, #6 and #14 buses for each one of any 4 that I could ride back to Milwaukie, buses that commonly leave downtown empty, while all 4 of my potential buses are filled to well over capacity, which sometimes don’t even bother stopping at all because they’re so full.  In the mornings, buses #31, #32, #33 and #99 have developed an annoying habit of arriving in a pack, despite the fact that their scheduled arrival times are spread across a minimum of 12 minutes.  And all this barely scratches the surface of myriad problems I’ve experienced in the years I’ve been riding TriMet to and from Milwaukie.

I have written formal complaints in the past, requested clarification about the “rules”, griped about my frustrations via social media, etc… all to no avail.  On the rare occasion I do receive some sort of response, it has always come in the form of a canned message directing me to your automated telephone number or your Customer Service website.  In reality, nothing is ever done, and nothing changes other than the continued decline in the level of service I and the other ridership receive, while the cost to ride keeps increasing.  I can’t help but wonder how poor I should expect things to get before someone finally steps up to the plate and makes the appropriate and necessary adjustments.

Please contact me when you have a chance.


P In the interest of the environment, please only print when necessary and recycle. ΓΌ

Hello,   The person that mans your Twitter feed referred me to your office. Since the schedule change on 9/2, on four occasions Line 15 to NW Portland has been at least 6 minutes late arriving at stop 9599/SW 17th and Morrison. The scheduled arrival time is about 7:42 am, and it has been at least 7:48 am on each of the four instances. This delayed arrival makes me late for work on NW 21st and Raleigh at 8 am.   I wanted to bring this to your attention in hopes that you might find what's going on with that route. Like thousands of others in the Metro area, I rely on TriMet to get to and from work. Normally I have no complaints (thank you for that!). But this is a serious matter to me as I can't afford to continue to be late for work.   Thanks for your time.   Warmest regards, Ken Cosey

I am one of the daily Trimet commuters from St. Johns who has had to adjust to changes in the #17 and #16 lines this month.  I used to catch the #17 bus to downtown each morning, but that line has been discontinued.  I was hopeful that the #16 would be a workable alternative, especially with the change in its frequency. However, I have already run into problems and related questions:

Both yesterday and today the #16 bus was blocked by freight trains crossing NW Naito Parkway at exactly 8:34 am. From other commuters, I understand that this happened on Monday as well. Today, I got off and walked to my connecting bus on Burnside. Yesterday, the bus was delayed (and idling) for 26 minutes, causing a significant delay.  Are there rules about train movements during commute hours?  If not, and if the train is going to be consistently blocking that crossing, why is the #16 following that schedule and route? 

Yesterday evening, the #16 bus scheduled to arrive at SW Oak and 6th at 5:27 was close to half an hour late.  That's happened in the past (or the bus just never showed up). The difference now is that I no longer have the alternative of catching the #17 to get home.  Yesterday's delay may have been an aberration caused by bad traffic on Highway 30, so I'll be patient and hope that the schedule is more consistent.  The issue with the freight trains on NW Naito, however, seems to be a systemic issue that is going to have to be fixed somehow.

Thank you,

Trimet 53 (5367) driver

The new driver for line 53 this rotation is the same driver that basically pushed me away from taking the 56 home.
He is a short, older Asian gentleman and last year he drove the 56 through 3 straight rotations, so a total of 9 months.
During that 9 months I could, literally, count the number of days he was on time one one hand. With fingers left over.
I made complaints on Twitter, I emailed complaints, I submitted complaints on the website. Obviously nothing was done since he's now driving my 53.
I take it I am now going to have to go back to the 56 if I want to actually make it home on time now.

No monthly passes at Max stations?  Really?  You will sell a 30-day pass but not a monthly pass? I have to come your office or go to a grocery store to buy a product I have been buying for YEARS at the stations?  I simply don't believe it.

To top it off, your machine denied my visa card. Haven't you learned to build the capacity to serve your customers into your processes yet? Come on!!

I'll leave my ranting to that.

I am sure I missed something along the way where you attempted to communicate the change in where monthly passes can be purchased. Regardless, not a good customer oriented move in my opinion.


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Operator luggage taking up priority seat

Hello, You wanted more information about:

I was on a Gillig Phantom the other day, and a woman de-boarded, leaving the bag seen in the photo
I thought it was hers, and pointed it out; but she looked puzzled  The operator said that it was his.

Apparently, somebody earlier in the day had complained about it being on the floor, near the farebox.
He explained that he had no choice but to stow it on a passenger seat, as there's no locker available.

I thought that was odd, especially to take up a priority seat at rush hour.  Is this a normal practice?
I don't have a name, coach number, or trip number. Let me know if you have any questions... thanks.

-cheers, CSB

Hello,   I posted a complaint about the #16 line disappearing from Transit Tracker on Twitter yesterday, and was asked to pass along the information to you.  My tweet was:   "I hope the @trimet #16 bus to St Johns doesn't disappear as often when it has to also carry passengers from discontinued #17 line."     I normally ride the #17 from St Johns in the morning, then return home on the #16 in the evening, usually catching it on SW Oak and 6th at 5:30.  Sometimes I catch it on NW Everett and 2nd, when my transfer from the #12 or #19 from the eastside is running behind schedule (which is often).  Because Trimet assigns one of the older buses to the #16 line, it is not unusual for it to break down or be delayed. Yesterday, my bus from the eastside was delayed and Transit Tracker showed that the #16 was going to arrive at SW Oak and 6th before I could get there. So, I got off on Burnside and rushed to my alternate stop on NW Everett and 2nd. Transit Tracker showed that I had 4 minutes to spare. After 10-15 minutes, however, the #16 did not show up and, in fact, disappeared from Transit Tracker as if it had already gone by.  A few other passengers were in the same situation. At that point, I had a choice of waiting 35 minutes for the next #16, or dashing to NW 6th and Flanders to catch the #17 to get me home. Fortunately, I was able to make that connection.   My primary concern is that when the #17 line to St Johns is eliminated, ALL of the passengers who now use the #17 and #16 will have to rely on the #16 to get home. Will the bus be packed with a double load for the 45-50 minute ride home? Will the #16 continue to use older, unreliable buses?  As it now stands, I have an option of getting the #17 when the #16 fails to show. Once the #17 is gone, I'm afraid of routinely having 35-45 minute waits when the bus breaks down or disappears from the system.   Ross

I've been waiting a stop 8921 for the 59 since 3:40pm for the 3:57 bus... Its 4:08 and nothing!  Tracker had no delays or anything listed. What happened!

Sent from my phone. Please forgive any errors.

I tried to upgrade my pass at Willow Creek, machine number 144, and it would not take my quarters (oddly it would accept my nickel). I only brought exact change for two upgrades - there and back.

Then I tried the other machine 146 and it would not recognized buttons being pressed - it was just frozen on the start screen.

The third machine is credit cards only ... And currently there are no buses here either.

So now I'm hoping their are no fare inspectors because I don't know what else to do and can't miss my train!

Sent from my phone. Please forgive any errors.


I saw you had responded to my tweet yesterday about the 76  leaving two minutes early.  I got to Beaverton Transit Center on the Blue Line MAX (westbound) at about 8:27 AM on Thursday morning (August 9).  I checked the transit tracker and saw that the 76 would leave Beaverton TC at 8:30.  I walked over to the 76 bus stop as soon as I got off the MAX, and the 76 was leaving Beaverton TC at 8:28!  As a result, I had to wait nearly 20 mins for the 78, and I was 5 minutes late to work.

That is what happened yesterday.  I hope this will be solved in a timely manner.


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I lost my phone because a guy tried to fight me friday night on the max

On Friday, August 3rd, between 10 and 10:30pm, I was on a west bound MAX (if memory serves me correctly it was a Blue Line; I know it was one of the older models where you have to walk up three steps to get in) when an older, disheveled looking man sat across the aisle from me and took out his head phones, in a "Hey I need to tell you something" fashion. When I removed my head phones he waved it off. He seemed a little unstable so I kept my phone out and turned down my music as I returned my head phones. He began yelling a stream of curse words and insults at me (I'm certain it was at me, since he was glaring at me and pointing), but when i took my head phones out he pretended to be singing (Led Zeppelin, if that matters to you). I returned my headphones, but silenced my music. He repeated this process twice, each time increasing both the severity of his insults and his physically threatening demeanor (although he switched the music he was pretending to listen to to Pink Floyd).  At first I found it almost funny (it is 2012 and he was calling me both a "nancy boy" and a "pissy pants", in addition to a faggot, an asshole, a pussy and several others) because I assumed he was drunk (he certainly smelled like it) and that he thought he was being entertaining, how ever once his threats became more specific and direct I got very scared. You see I'm missing three vertebra, which has led to my spinal cord tethering (which makes me literally slower, weaker and clumsier than most of the planet) and I'm missing all of my teeth; the missing teeth may make me a target, but the missing vertebra mean I avoid physical confrontation at all costs, as if I lose a fight I could become paralyzed (and the recently paralyzed are easy to kill on accident in a fight). When the man began insulting my lack of teeth (that was when he switched from nancy boy to faggot as insults) and hitting his fists into his hands I got very scared. He eventually dropped the pretense of singing and asked me how I'd lost my teeth, I replied that my parents hadn't taught me how to brush as a child, to which he replied that I was "a faggot, pussy, because I lost mine in 'Nam." he than began expressing the ways he was gonna kick my ass, and began swinging wildily and yelling incoherently. I didn't stop to listen to this, I got off as quickly as I could, at the Mall SW 5th ave stop. I went to text my wife about what had happened; while not an uncommon experience, it was without a doubt one of the scarier and more nerve wrecking I've had to deal with. It was at this point that I realized I left my phone on the train I'd just departed. When I got on the immediate next train I paged the driver, and said "A crazy, homeless looking dude tried to attack me and when I ran away I think I left my phone on it. It was the one just ahead of you. I don't suppose someone could grab it and leave it Beaverton TC." The driver's response, after a couple of minutes, to the entire car, was "So you forgot your phone on the last train." I understand he could have no idea the stress and anxiety I had just dealt with, although I assumed saying saying I was just attacked should of been a cue of some kind, but when the entire car stopped to stare at the guy who was slowing down the train over a phone it was everything not to lose my temper. Instead I said yes, but that it was because someone had tried to attack me. I don't know if he didn't hear me or simply dismissed it out of hand, but he told me he's see what they said. Several stops later, after a number of starts and delays he paged back to say I'd have to wait until monday to call lost and found and see if they'd found it. I sat from The Pioneer Square stop (I had attempted to run after the Max I'd been on, but my physical condition made that both painful and impossible, despite the sluggishness of max travel downtown) until Beaverton TC with no less than 7 people pointing at me and either laugh or saying snide comments about the kid who lost his phone and wasted everyone's time because of it. I really wanted to get off, or yell about how I'd been attacked, but swallowed my anger and sat ashamed in silence. I got the same response from my bus driver at Beaverton Transit Center when I informed him of what had happened. I am writing this because I am very, very angry. I have heard nothing back, until I tweeted my frustrations the other day, and even than all I was told was that I should of called the police (something that was kind of impossible without a phone) or informed an operator... Which I did immediately afterwards, only to feel insulted and demeaned for fleeing before I was attacked, an attack that would led to serious injury given my condition. I am out a phone, I feel insulted and like I've lost a great deal of dignity. I was informed I should contact this address in order to inform you of what happened. I would now like to know you tell me you plan on proceeding with making this better; I wasn't shown an ounce of empathy, I was made to feel like a victim multiple times (and yes, I am aware you aren't responsible for what riders do, but your drivers have an obligation to treat your passengers respectfully which I was not), I've lost my phone and don't even have confirmation that my lost item was registered with your Lost and Found.

I was on line 12 yesterday (August 1st). After passing the Parkrose Transit Center the bus was stopped just before 82nd and Sandy and we were all told to vacate as another bus would be coming to pick us up. This bus I believe was actually sitting at the transit center in our spot when we stopped to pick up passengers as usual and were made to move on.
Had I known there would be a delay in time I could have easily caught the Red Line to my destination (6:50PM), but instead we were made to wait which put us at 24 minutes over our arrival time, as then were ping ponged with another 12 Line picking up and dropping off passengers all along the way. I usually except some delays and will usually plan for them and understand accidents happen, but nothing was wrong with the 12 bus we were already riding on. 
So that is where my confusion and frustration stands that this point.
Thank you for taking the time to read my email, Taneka


Last night I arrived at Pioneer Square at 5:30, having taken the Blue Line from the Hawthorn Farms MAX stop to the square.  When I arrived and walked to the Yellow line platform (heading to the expo center) I noticed that there was already a large group of people standing and waiting for the train.  I looked at the screen above the ticket machine and noticed that it said it would be 30 minutes until the next Yellow line.  I thought this must have been a mistake, as I have taken this route every day for the past month and had no issues like that before.  Sure enough, I sat there watching Red and Blue line trains passing every couple minutes.  I finally saw a MAX train coming down the track I was waiting at after about 15 min, only for it to be a Green Line train.  I started to become frustrated and I still had no idea why it was taking so long.  After about 10 min (maybe even less) I saw another train coming down the tracks towards the platform I was on.  Sure enough, it was ANOTHER Green line train.  I stood there for over 30 minutes waiting for a Yellow line train, growing more and more frustrated.  After a long, tiring day at work, the last thing I wanted to do was sit and wait over 30 minutes for a train to go home, while every other MAX line had trains going by at a regular interval.  I have no idea why there were no Yellow Line trains, and I cannot imagine any reasonable explanation as to why there was such a huge delay.  Every day my discontent with Trimet is growing. There have been "signal issues" twice in the past 2 weeks, causing hour long delays. There was the 30 min of sitting on the tracks because the President decided to drive to the airport during rush hour (I realize this was not your fault, but it was frustrating nonetheless).  And there is also the constant, consistent, and inconvenient ticket machine issues, that have caused me to break Trimet "laws" on a regular basis just so I can get to work on time. It's not feasable for someone to "ride to the next stop" when a machine is not working at the stop I begin my journey at. I'm not sure how I am expected to jump off the train, run up to a machine, and buy a ticket... then get back on the train and make it to work on time.  Especially when the ticket machine at the next stop is also broken. 
I would like to know why the Yellow line was so late yesterday.  I'd also like to know what Trimet is doing to fix its ticket machine issues. I know I am not the only one to ever tell you about them. I would appreciate functional machines, and I know that your thousands of other riders would appreciate them too. 
Thank you for your time,

Hello, I was asked by the @trimet to email you regarding my MAX ride to work this morning.
I was traveling Westbound on a MAX train early this morning around 7am. I was sitting in the back of the train and my train number was #103. It's the only identification I could find.
There were three I noticed on this ride:
1) The driver was riding the break often 2) It was a very jerky ride many riders seemed frustrated by this as well. It felt we would glide along as normal and then lurch forward and back when the driver released the break. 3) When we made stops at Beaverton TC and Millikan as the doors opened I could smell the breaks. It a similar smell to when I'm driving down Sylvan hill.
I'm not looking for anything to be done here it just felt like the driver wasn't very experienced. I enjoy riding the MAX and the rider this morning was very different than the majority of my rides.
Thanks for reaching out and providing a great service to our community.

Hi Trimet,

I want to report on Line 35 not showing up 2 of last 3 weekdays. I catch the 35 that arrives at 5th and Clay at 7:58am. Friday June 29th the bus did not show up at all. Tuesday July 3 the bus did not show up at all. The wait for next bus is 35-40 minutes and many riders left stranded.

Also, is it at all possible to post a disruption on the screens? If the bus has broken down, why not update with something other than "Scheduled for xx:xx time" so that we can take alternate routes instead of waiting for a bus that isn't coming. If Trimet knows the bus is broken down or experiencing a disruption, why not pass that on to riders so we can adapt? Even if this is only done on bus lines with a 30+ minute wait, it would make a huge difference.

Thanks for hearing me out!

Hi, I made a rather lighthearted complaint on Twitter this morning, and was advised by the magic Twitter person (@trimet) to email the details.
My comment was "@trimet If you don't want bikes to pass on the left, buses (#5468@8:30AM) shouldn't sit in bike lane for 1min beyond doors close w/o signal."
Specifically, bus 5468, Line 54, as it stopped at SW Capitol at Bertha (stop ID 925) Northbound/Eastbound at 8:30 this morning.  That stop does not have a 'pull-out', so buses stop in the bike lane.  It is an uphill right after a downhill stretch, so it is a place where it is nice on a bicycle to maintain the downhill momentum to make it up the hill.  I was ahead of the bus 100 feet before the stop when it passed me then made the stop.
As I approached, when I was still about 50 feet behind, the bus had let all the people on or off who were doing so, and had turned off its curb-side turn signal.  I slowed down, not wanting to pass a stopped bus on the left (in the traffic lane.)  The bus sat, with no signal either direction, doors closed, for a good 30-45 seconds, necessitating me stopping.  (As he had pulled so that I was directly behind him, out of view of his side view mirrors.)  (I put "1min" in my tweet because "30-45 seconds" wouldn't fit.)
When it got to the next stop (SW Capitol at Sunset, Wilson High School, stop ID 929,) ahead of me, it pulled in to the cut-out, completely out of the bike lane, and again stopped and waited with no signal either direction.  There, I felt comfortable passing as I was then completely in the bike lane, and the bus could clearly see me in his side-view mirror, so I passed in the bike lane.
I don't know why the bus stopped so long at the first stop (925,) but if it was for time schedule reasons, the driver really should have waited until the next stop, which has a pull-out that doesn't block the bike lane, as it appeared the driver then did.  Most Tri-Met drivers are courteous to bike riders who obey the laws (as I do,) but sometimes drivers seem oblivious to the existence of bicycles in bicycle lanes, which causes dangerous and confusing situations, such as this.

I "tweeted" Tri-met with this info earlier and they asked that I email it to this address.
I was behind bus #2157 (not sure of route number because back route sign wasn't working) at 10:17am today (Monday June 11, 2012) in my vehicle at a red light on N. Richmond at N. Ivanhoe in the St. Johns area of North Portland. When the light turned green the driver really "gunned it" and turned left onto N. Ivanhoe at a speed that was too fast. There was an African American female crossing N. Ivanhoe in the crosswalk and she came within inches of being hit by the fast moving bus. She literally had to dart/jump out of the way of the bus to avoid being hit.
I am reporting this because the bus driver needs to be much more careful, especially in making turns.
Thank you for your attention to this matter,

I was at the crosswalk at 
"1701-1711 SW Jefferson St
Portland? Oregon? 97201
United States" around 08:20
I approached the crosswalk crossing to the north side,  I slowly started walking out, making sure the cars/bus would stop. The trimet bus was approximately 200-300 ft away, and wasn't slowing down. I then stepped back so I didn't get hit, and the driver tapped is head as if to say "think it through your dumb". He was in the left lane going east (one way street).

I called customer service to complian that the Green line had stopped for less than 20 seconds, leaving me behind even though I had been at the stop for 10 min and was at the door hitting the door open buttons before they started closing. The initial person I talk to told me was unsympathetic, told me that it how it should operate and the drivers aren't expected to look before closing the doors and leaving. That it was my own fault for not physically putting myself inbetween the closing doors, activating the sensors. I saw someone do that and she looked stunned by the door squeezing on her and then the driver came out and yelled at her. So I asked to speak to her supervisor and I left a message. Chris called me back and left a message that said "it sounds to me like you weren't at the stop on time." Ok, I tried to forget this. I am not a complainer. I keep thinking about my elderly parents trying to get a walker on, and when I have my two little kids by myself trying to get them on safely. Once the max by the zoo almost took off with my 2 year old before I could board my stroller. The passengers inside did something to stop the max that time. This is a safety problem. There is obviously a customer service problem here too. Please look at the video of my experience with the max between 820 and 840 that Friday morning at the Flavel Reen line platform. Time how long the max paused, notice I push the button before the doors close and it did nothing. Then you are welcome to respond to me with respect and understanding.

8ish AM 44 "how dare you ask if I used that word?" "...because I've heard at least 4 drivers use it!"

I got on the bus at stop 955 at just after AM. The driver, a dark haired woman with a flower in her hair, & a woman occupying all 3 of the very front seats were having a loud discussion on breast feeding & how old it's appropriate. Whatever. I put on my music loudly.
Then the woman in the front seats said something that sounded like "it's retarded".
The gentleman next to me had (and probably, 12 hours later, still has) Down syndrome, so I really hope that through my music I had misheard. So I asked.
The lady was mightily offended (I never got an answer on whether or not I had misheard, incidentally), and your driver was like "I'm surprised YOU asked that how dare you?" Seeing as I've had drivers call ME the r-word, and people think it's a totally ok slur, it was nothing to do with 'daring'.
Then she yelled at me to move bc a chair user was getting on. The woman occupying the front three seats was not asked to move & they went about their chatty way. So that was rude, as was yelling at me for inquiring about whether or not I had misheard a commonly used slur that very few people are willing to acknowledge is, you know, a slur. And given how many times Trimet drivers have been blatantly ableist towards me-my favorite is still the one who slammed the ramp on my foot when I hadnt pushed through the teenagers to get off before she started, & then yelled at me for not processing the sound...AFTER I told her I have an auditory processing disability. Given that Trimet is totally ok with these shenanegans, it's totally feasible that one would be down with ableist slurs as well.

I used the #77 Halsey to attend a job interview today.  I  bought an all-zone pass for adults.  As it was a critical event, I asked specifically if it was kosher after I was issued with it.  I boarded the bus at 162nd and Halsey at 8:45 am, 5/17/2012 and was assured it was valid.  After trying to transfer I was informed that the pass was from the previous day.  Not having change, I was forced to wait for another bus, get change, and missed the interview.  Afterwards, after trying to salvage the situation, I asked a bus driver to call a supervisor.  I waited 3 hours and one never appeared.

Bottom line, your operator issued me a bogus pass and I had no recourse to management, resulting in serious personal losses.  I expect a prompt and effective resolution to this, or I will take the matter up with a personal injury lawyer.  This is completely unacceptable.  There was no set of actions I could have taken that would have resulted in my paying the required fare and getting where  I was going, due to the incompetence of your drivers and the non-response of management. 



This incident happened on a MAX that Chantel McElhinney and I boarded at Millikan Way headed towards
hillsboro last night. I believe we boarded at approx 9:23pm.


There was a woman on an electric mobility vehicle in the disabled section of the train
when a lone fare inspector asked her for proof of fare. I could not hear all the details
of they're initial exchange but she did not have a fare and he called dispatch to advise
he had a fare violator. He asked her to get off at the ELMONICA stop and she advised
that she was sick and could not. She offered him $20 in cash to buy the ticket for her
as she was not able to get off the train. He advised her he was not able to accept any
money and told her he could not travel any further than Elmonica and she was getting
off at that stop non-negotiable and he began to get very verbally abusive with her at that
point "Maam I'm tired of listening to you and so is everyone around you. If you don't get
off the train now I'm going to have you arrested."

The fare inspector then held the doors open at Elmonica and flagged the driver and
called dispatch for backup. After 5 mins of him raising him voice and being verbally
abusive to her she still declined to get off at ELMONICA and she told him she was
very poor and sick and she would even accept a ticket. The doors then closed and
we continued on to 185th. Chantel will need to tell you the rest as I left the train
at 185th. The last thing I saw was him writing the ticket.


Just wanted to go into more detail on the incident. There was a woman on Trimet tonight when we got on at Millikan that was being giving a ticket by a Trimet officer. When we got to the elmonica stop
the Trimet officer demanded the woman get of the train. She explained to the officer that she was too cold and sick and couldn't wait 15 min for another train. The officer proceeded to tell the woman he
would be calling the police and that she would be force able removed. She sated that she would just like to have the ticket so that she can go home she said she had been waiting to long in the cold and
that she just wanted to go home. Stated she would pay the ticket he could keep her ID and she would get another one. The Trimet officer started to yell at the woman and telling her to get off. It took about
10 min to get the train going again they didn't remove her and kept going then at willow creek and 185 the Trimet officer told the woman whom was in histerics to shut up that no one wanted to hear to talk
anymore and threatened her with 90 day suspension from Trimet services of she did shut up. On the way to quatama a passenger proceeded to curse at the woman calling her profanity and flipping her the
bird. Trimet officer did nothing to stop this. Allowed the passenger to berate the woman and talk down to her. This was totally inappropriate.


I'm  on twitter, and I reported a problem with the Fair Complex Max Station validator not stamping my ticket. I bought the book of tickets at New Seasons two weeks ago, and a picture of the ticket is attached.
The validator just doesn't stamp the ticket at all. The first couple tickets I tried days ago caused the light to light, but it made an error noise and would not stamp. Today there was no lights at all. I shoved the ticket in until the middle inch of the ticket was bent when I pulled it out.
The validator also didn't work on tickets purchased four weeks ago as a set of 10 from the pioneer square ticket machine.
The validator is the one on the east end of the platform.
I would be happy to save a ticket and drop it off at the pioneer square trimet office if it would help you.


Was driving through the curve down to the Ross island bridge when bus 66 cam over into the left hand lane with no turn signal on. The driver didn't even put the yield sign on like they normally do. The driver almost hit 3 cars when doing this. Around the next corner he started coming back over while I was next to the drivers window.

Thank you!

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Regarding bus 2149 running a red light at 8:20am 5/15/12

To whom it may concern,
I was contacted via Twitter and told that you were interested in hearing the full story on this incident. I was walking west on SW Morrison, waiting to cross SW 6th on the SE corner of the intersection. The light was green on 6th and the Max was going through the intersection headed north when I arrived at the intersection. A bus (we'll call it Bus A) and at least one car followed the Max through the intersection, and the light turned yellow as Bus A went through. Bus 2149 was behind Bus A and appeared to be slowing as it came towards the intersection heading north on 6th. I am a bus commuter and while I don't expect buses to run red lights, I am aware that they may not be able to see me, so I was watching the traffic light to anticipate when I might be able to cross. I watched the light turn yellow as Bus A went through the intersection. Bus 2149 was slowing (or so it seemed) as it approached the intersection, so I took my eyes away from the traffic light and began to watch the crossing signal. When it said walk, I started to step into the intersection, but stopped immediately as Bus 2149 picked up speed and went through the intersection of 6th and Morrison. A woman who had been waiting to cross heading east, at the NW corner of the intersection, was already several steps out into the intersection and had to stop as Bus 2149 flew passed her. There were at least two other pedestrians in the process of crossing or about to cross at that time and we all had the same, "What just happened?" expressions on our faces. 
I hope those details are helpful! Please contact me if you have any further questions.


I tweeted this morning about issues with the growing list of new drivers on a daily basis not knowing the route into Eastmoreland.

I catch the bus at Powell/Milwaukie at 7:25 nearly every morning. Only 1 bus an hour goes through the neighborhood, where several teachers/trimet riders work at Duniway.

It's frustrating to need to ask everyday if they know the route. Some are good about it weather they know or not, some are not so nice about it. I shouldn't have to keep vigil like that for fear that I'll end up a mile away from my stop at Reed College. Drivers are professional & they should know where to go. Please get someone steady on that route or make sure they know where to go!

For nine years I have commuted from Sherwood to Portland using Line 94.  Until the changes this past Sept. I was a satisfied customer.  Since the changes to Line 94, over 30 minutes, a day, were added to my total commute time.  The biggest disappointment and loss of time occured on my commute home from Portland.  The use of Main Street with three stops and waiting for the traffic light to change (up to four times) for a left hand turn to return to Hwy 99 is insane.  Then the problem is compounded by all the local stops on 99 to Sherwood.  I no longer use the 94 for my commute to and from Sherwood. My day is long enough and I just refuse to give up any more time to commuting.  Before all the changes, information I received indicated 3 minutes would be added to the commute each way.  How was this calculation made? Speaking for myself and fellow 94 riders (I know of several ), who have also modified commuting routes,  please make major changes to the efficiency and commute times for Line 94.   Thank you

Bonzai wrote: "I noticed at the last meeting that your passengers have dropped ...was it by a third? My x used to clean your bus stops before you contracted out a cheaper company. Trimet would freakout over tagging and not once supplied him with the proper safety mask to reduce the degenerative affect of the spray paint remover. I have tried to boycott trimet after your trimet gestapos fined my senior citizen neighbor for accidentally BUYING a youth pass, and she left the court building crying when she still received a full fine. She had even showed up twice because she read the wrong date. They don't care if you're a blind old lady, or a poor kid, they will happily ticket you for the equivalent of 70 rides for a mistake, or not valid ticket. When they lower the outrageous fines, harness their hounds and they start doing real security work I would consider riding with them more often. When someone is harassing another passenger, it has always been other passengers who stand up for them. My friend has been assaulted and had her head smashed into a window. I've seen people stand up for other people as well as they get berated by crack heads who just hop on and off. Where are your "trimet security" guys then? Probably out tryign to make a buck off some poor kid trying to get to work who didn't have enough for a ticket. The busses and max do not run late at night,not even to 2:30 which can leave you stranded downtown or god knows where else. I am loving car2go partly for this reason."

I live in Sherwood. Ride 9401 every weekday. Ride one of the options between 4:30-5:00 pm from downtown PDX to set home.

Morning commute is 10 minutes longer on average.

Evening commute is 15-20 minutes longer in average.

I have several friends who have discontinued riding due to the increase in time.

1.  Set back to the old solution of 94 and 12 of course is preferred above all below options.  

If not possible:

2. Discontinue downtown Tigard portion and stay on 99 for any bus that starts as an express Southbound from downtown. Even if it has to be the "milk run" from Tigard south, the downtown Tigard portion, especially in the evenings, ruins what was previously a reasonable commute to Sherwood.

3. Return the normal 12 from Sherwood to downtown PDX during off peak hours that there is no express. Same for southbound. I have ridden the mid day with the transfer to Tigard TC and the layover is way too long at Tigard TC.

4. Have the 12 continue through downtown Tigard during peak hours like it used to do. Simply turn left from transit center after entering downtown, continue to the light and turn right at George Morlan when the 12 returns back to downtown. That alone would cut 10 minutes off of the 94 commute in the eve by avoiding the left turn at the light. Bus riders on local service simply get off of the 12, cross the street, and get on the 94 if heading south.

5. Consider extending the the 96 I-5 to continue down tualatin Sherwood road and stop at Shari's and the Regal park and ride. This gives an express alternative for Sherwood residents if the service for the 94 is not going to be solved.   It also services a transportation artery that is vastly under served daily.

6.  Do not, under any circumstances, add the Tigard TC to the 94 southbound during peak hours. This route has been ruined already.

Dear David, Good point about the three clicks. I'll pass that along to our webmaster.   Regarding the routing of the 74, I believe the portion shown on the Interactive System Map that is not shown elsewhere is only used by the bus when it is going to and from the place where it waits between trips. The Interactive System Map is something new. It is drawn from a database that does not differentiate between the part of the route where the bus picks up passengers and where it doesn't. The stops you're seeing on the map are for another route. If you select "Get info on: Bus Stops" (above the map) and click on one of those dots along 52nd Ave, it will show you that it's only served by the 71, not by the 74.   We'll see if we can figure out how to make it not show that portion of the route, or at least not show stops that aren't served by the selected route.   Yes, you had better go to Woodstock to catch the 74.   Thanks for pointing out this problem. Regards,

Tri-Met Scheduling Systems

Two things:   #1_ I use the new Interactive Map quite a bit, but have my bookmark set to the TriMet homepage. From there it takes 3 jumps to get to the Interactive System Map. Is this an oversight? A direct link from the Homepage (even a small one!) would be helpful. Thanks.   #2_ On the Interactive System Map, the route shown for the #74 bus is different from the route & timetables shown elsewhere. The I.S.M. shows the #74 beginning E/B on SE Steele @ SE 50th; then R. @ SE 52nd, to Woodstock; then R.(W/B) on Woodstock to 51st and beyond. All stops along this part of the route show the #74 providing service between 50th & Steele and 51st & Woodstock.    I intend to catch the #74 tomorrow, for the first time, and will be sure to wait at 51st & Woodstock (coming from 5424 SE Schiller.)   I am a fellow webtech (though likely not as skilled) and thought you'd appreciate the input. DavidM  

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PamelaRp said...

Tri Met Lift drivers have the attitude that all they want is the money and that ALL disabled people are that way due to their own falt. I just got back from the store that has a US Post Office in it mailing my housing application to the county and told the driver of the Lift bus 9817 to please drop me off at the managers office so I could tell them about a personal problem I was having. It then turned 1pm and the office up in the front of the complex closed. I told the driver part of my personal problem that transients were hitting me up for money in the complex and at the Safeway at Cedar Mill. We are not a Section 8 complex and transients are not supposed to be living here especially if they do not have a job. The transient who hit me up for money on 3/11/2016 in the afternoon said he had a record and a job but if he was hitting me up for money I know he did not have a job. When I told the Tri Met Lift driver this story he said to never ever never ever ever ever ask him ever again to drop me off any where again. He said this rudley and coldly and callously and super super RUDE. If I could MR Bus driver you know what I would do-I would 100% move out of Portland. I hate it here. Portland has 100% gone down the tubes in high rents and problems since 2013. There have been rent protests but due to lots of richness and high amounts of money passing hands nothing will ever be done about these issues or any other issue in regards to cost of living here. I do not want to ride Lift if all Tri Met drivers are like this man like he was today. If I I had a choice Mr Tri Met Lift driver, I would not Ride Lift. I was born slow with many genetic problems and cannot drive a car and cannot learn to drive a car. All I wanted to do today is alert them in the apartment managers office of this transient living here and supposidely person with a criminal record here and in the State of Arizona. But no that was too much for this jerk who did not give a damn about me as a customer and acted like in his demeanor and his attitude I was disabled due to my own falt. Please if you get this driver get off quick the Lift. He is a jerk and mean and nasty and blamed me for being disabled. I really hate it here and Portland itself has caused this by the jerks that live here and treat the public that are all trying to survive like dirt. Please never ever never ever ever Take Tri Met Lift when this driver is working on Saturdays which was the day I had to do what I needed to do today was mail something at the Post Office.