Friday, May 31, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
"I told you no, I will punch you, shut the fuck up" *Grabs face* then the three year old starts crying

Okay seriously , how did the 17 become five minutes late in one minute? Did it go back to the 70s and do the time warp again?

Fuck you trimet!

What was with all the SWAT cops at Gateway today? Maybe they could go to some of the stops and stop the smoking that poisons me.

Nice black cloud of smoke coming from bus 1442.

your trashcan at stop #1361 is very full & very stinky! (It smells worse than elephant manure on a hot day at the zoo.)

Yo fuck trimet

I don't care what coach 2101 driver says, honking aggressively at a stationary, non-hazardous cyclist is bad.

When you run to catch your bus and it's not even the right bus ...

Next train arrives, all lights say "yellow" so we board. Driver comes on and says, "Sorry, this is a green" and changes the lights.

Yes, there's a platform of people who are asking WTF.

fuck trimet. shitty system with shitty employees and shitty service, everything is so shitty. fuck!

bus driver just missed a guy waiting by a hundred feet and didn't even apologize or say a word when the man caught up and boarded..

Entire yellow line emptied at 6th and Davis, train now out of service, many cranky commuters. . Sigh.

SW 6th and Madison. 3 yellow trains in a row in the past 10 mins. All empty and no green trains. WTF

Guess the Portland Police are taking driving lessons from TriMet bus drivers.

Remember, kids, schedules are like Powerball-- for entertainment purposes only.

The 75 that was due to leave Pier Park at 4:12 left 10 minutes late and is now skipping stops with passengers  

people are too weird on trimet.

It's Rush Hour Stroller Friday on . don't they have to fold these damn things up?

Tri-Met light rail -- it's so wonderful for minority groups, especially when they gut bus service for it

Yellow jackets have just appeared at Gresham TC

should've done a interview with about why most of there drivers are rude to paying customers.

Rte 20 going up Barnes Road takes you through an enchanted forest.

Riding public transit with out headphones is like subjecting yourself to eating rotten tomatoes. Disgusting & unnecessary!!

Hey! There are RED SPIDERS on bus 2820. When was the last time you cleaned these buses? That's a SAFETY RISK!

Holding onto rails above on TriMet. Totes forgot deodorant this morning lololol ?

It always smells like an old, sad ham sandwich on the MAX. Why is that, Portland?

FYI, the new round of teaching drivers their routes starts Monday.

Waiting for Yellow Max. says it will be here in 4 min, says 3 min, and the sign at the stop says 11. The race begins.

It's like trimet tries to see how slowly they can get me to my destination without being late.

Validator at Rosa Parks still broken.

ID# 126b, the sign showing the train line is loose and bouncing around. Inside the train, port side, at the elbow of the back car

Ugh i hate when i look stupid running for trimet

ticket validater at Rosa parks to city center not functioning.

Not sure if the bus smells like weed or a nasty laundry detergent

needs to go die in a flaming pile of unholy contempt and disgrace.

in conclusion: sucks to your ass-mar, !

wrangling a 5-year-old, a bike, and myself on is NOT easy. we must rely on unreliable services and schedules to make the day work.

the ONE time we left the house a little later than usual, was three minutes early. missed the 77 by a whisker.

Thank you, , for scheduling buses that don't show up. Will be late to work now.

Hey trimet! Don't 17th and Killingsworth me and tell me it's 30th and Alberta.

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