Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Remembering Trimet tyranny

Rabid dog is Trimet's real avitar
While employed at Trimet I was subjected to various psychological tortures via the management such as 'the meeting'.
"The meeting' is when you are summoned to sit before the 'managers' for a crime that you have committed but they don't bother telling you specifically what it is they want to see you about.
They generally tell you about this 'meeting' on a Friday afternoon so you can stew on it all weekend.
It's completely intentional.  Newbies watch and learn, this could be something you have to face in the future.
Trimet had a special place in its heart for my torture, they spent years trying to intimidate me.
In this first meeting, Fred Hansen was still in charge and I still had Peggy Hansen as the Director of transportation. Things were still fun then. Things really changed for the worse when Mcfarlane the knife took over.You can see at this time I was still allowed to drive and film, with restriction.
But after I did those three videos, I found out who I was dealing with, even then, a bunch of liars.
Remember newbies, FACE TO FACE MEETINGS ARE NOTHING BUT TRAPS, they are attempting to trick you into entrapping yourselves! The managers routinely lie, remember that!

Although I was the poster boy for distracted driving, I had a PERFECT SAFETY RECORD! 15 straight years of perfect driving!


IT WAS ALL AN ACT-see how they fool you in this video here 

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