Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
26 May
This bus driver is FLYING down macadam right now! Holy shit… he’s gotta be doing 50 on this windy ass rd.
Wow, so my Trimet pass is expired. RAAAAAAAAD.

This is a brand new bus stop. Can a rider exiting rear door safely exit the bus?

...except don't actually do that; i'm sure if trimet is your boss your workday is fucking hard enough already

Let's try haggling w drivers. "You're 12 minutes late. I'll give you a dollar." Maybe if everyone does it someone'll notice

Passenger has a beard tattooed on his face

you seriously ticket someone because the wrong end of a ticket is validated??? Is there any new low you can't reach?

Remember when trimet was efficient and ran more than one bus line after 11pm? Never realized how spoiled I've been with the 57.

The bus sounds like it's loosing air too, but it's just the windshield wipers trying to work

This bus sounds like a fighting, dying cat. A good metaphor about the 1600s if you ask me

Bus 2715 honk'g at cyclists at First & Main in bike lane. I thought drivers were supposed to yield to bikes when crossing bike lane?

sooo 2 trains in a row and now a 20min wait? Great job kids!

is there even a reason why you give the 77 a schedule? 5 late when I'm only 10 min away from the end?

why is max 310A really going SO SLOW and making all of us LATE!!!

First bus, late. 2nd bus, no show. Bridge up & road construction. It's like a public transit perfect storm this morning.

Holy shit! Same driver two days in a row.

Some adults need to rediscover their, "inside voice." Quiet down, lady. I can hear you from the next car.

The #6 driver on Trimet scheduled at Bdwy at 5:40 is so bad most have given up - today NOBODY on the bus but me!

Sometimes Trimet makes no sense.

This elderly white man just tried to guide me to a seat on he looked at me and threw his head to back of bus

Molested by ET's on Trimet (#1)

obviously recovering from 3 day weekend proves to be too much for your ops team. Wtf? I would like to get home before 8pm.

Absolutely second the complaint needs to enforce no-smoking rule and start dishing out citations. With fury.

hillsboro bound train 209 is short train for rush hour and packed? What the hell is wrong with you?  

Gotta love how 12 and 43 are stopped at 4th & Hall with rear hanging into travel lane - not very safe

A police dog just got on our and sniffed everybody's bags but the 4 police accompanying checked no fares? ?

Dear gum smacker... You may end up wearing your gum soon pains

Dear , the 2:38 number 15 out of downtown is -always- stupid full. Maybe consider more frequent service? This line has gotten v busy!

Why are downtown stops not being announced from the CAD/AVL system anymore?

Im so used to public transportation in NY that Trimet really isn't that bad to me anymore. It's slow as fucking snails but gets the job done

. Someone turned the NB Grand stop at Stark into a Portland Loo

If you still on trimet you can't talk abt another person being on trimet.. doesn't make sense.

It's awesome when sends a one car blue line train through gateway during 8am rush hour.

Being tortured on@trimet bus 4054 line 72 and I figured out why do this everyday? Too pretend like I am cray cray

Hey the 4 has been a mess for the last hour and you have a rude & abrasive driver who feels customers can't ask questions coach 3046

The bus driver for line 71 this morning needs coffee ..We are legit going maybe 25 mph? 😒✋


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