Wednesday, May 29, 2013


COMMENTS: When I picked up Melinda , for the second day in a row, she immediately picked up CorTs backpack and set it next to her. I thought this was a new behavior for her and that she wanted Cory’s bag with him. I continued the route and about two blocks away I saw Melinda open Cory’s backpack and remove a plastic bottle of tea. I told her I had just seen what she did and told her that the bottle was not hers. As I did, she attempted to tuck the bottle under her shirt to hide it from me. I told her to put the bottle back in Cory’s back pack. I repeated this several times and told her if she didn’t I was going to pull over. She failed to comply and I pulled the van over and contacted dispatch. As soon as I picked up the handset, Melinda quickly opened the bottle and drank the entire thing. With dispatch’s approval, I went back to Cory’s house to get another bottle from his mother. I informed her of what happened and continued. When I arrived at their work site, I found the empty bottle in the trunk area of the van. I had found an identical empty bottle in my van yesterday, leading me to believe she did this two days in a row. I informed the work staff about the issue and they seemed to be aware that this has happened in the past. (LIFT)
COMMENTS: I picked up Barry at 3301 NE Sandy Blvd. I escorted him to the bus. On the way he wandered onto Sandy Blvd. I grabbed his arm, and walked him to the bus. I told this to his staff and father. He wasn’t injured. This occurred at 14:00. (LIFT)
COMMENTS: I went and picked up Robin. I told her that I had one drop off to do and then I would be dropping her off. She got upset with me when I went to the drop off of trip# 6533. Again I let her know she was next. On the way to drop off Robin I turned from Fremont onto NB 141st. I heard her seat belt un-buckle. I pulled over and asked her to fasten her belt. She did what I asked. As I was getting ready to pull in front of her house she un-buckled again before I stopped. I tried to explain to her that she needed to stay in her seat belt until we come to a complete stop. She was still mad at me for dropping other passengers. I also talked to her (LIFT)
A passenger reported that someone who got off from train 9064(first train in block) missed the connection to bus line 72 at 82nd ave around 0100. Basically two trains were running late without early notices. Only switch that I had to work with were 29A and 31C. I unlocked power switch 29A to set for Gateway pocket track and 31C was set normal. Train 9064 and 9070 were effective by this Manual Block.
I worked the corner of MLK & Lloyd Blvd. The bumps went pretty smoothly for the most part. There were a couple of moderate delays for the buses that did not either get the reroute message or didn’t pay attention to them. For next year perhaps we could utilize the street car to shuttle the riders through the congested area to prevent service long service interruptions.
I was Stationed on the Corner of 37th ave and Belmont bumping through the 14s and 15s. We did have some major delays there during the thick part of the run, some buses were delayed there for more then 30 minutes. My solution was, I unloaded all the following buses on to the lead bus so when it got bumped through, the passengers would get into downtown faster. I put that bus into drop off only and advised the following buses to do the pick ups. I advised all operators to drive their routes, when they got to the end of the line, press restroom delay and then call dispatch for assistance on getting back on schedule. All bus operators were patient and very cooperative. It went very smooth on our corner with no notable problems.
This is the first time I did a race that had such a big turnout. I had one inbound 20 and 2 outbound 20s held up. I called Lead when buses got 12 min down. I was unaware that Police were supposed to hold runners after the lead runners to bump Buses through. I asked when the drivers were 5 min and 10 min and they told me they had to wait till bulk of the runners got thru. At 53 min later I turned my 3 buses around and let out their passengers and deadheaded buses to Gresham. I had some of the passengers go with deadheading buses if they were gonna be getting off close to where the drivers were going. I had 3 passengers that I had to get xtra service to pick up and help the next following 20 all the way to Gresham. In hindsight, I should have swapped drivers in opposite directions, and at least got the operators closer to their on time sched. Somewhere was a breakdown of communication with the police, waiting to hold runners till 1 hour and 12 min. We only inconvenienced a handful of passengers on my end, but I would like to see other ways to get the delay time under 15 min. IF that is possible. It was a good learning experience for me and for that I am grateful.
Train 9045 call for defect (bio-hazards) in trailing car. I had to hold the train 9045 at J W Field W/B for 2-3 minutes to cover the vomit and caution tapes around door 8 of car 215.
Requested to have cleaner to take care or take it out of service due to heavy bio-hazard.
It took officers at 37th/Belmont a long time to do a bump thru and as a result, both the line 14 and 15 were stuck on both directions making them about 40 minutes late or more.
Driver called in and said that Christian told her that he was hearing voices telling him to commit suicide. Driver said that when she got to the address on Shaver St. passenger got off the bus and told her he was scared. I called the home and spoke to Sarah. Sarah told me that if the driver could change the subject to something like the movies or music that Christian would calm down. Driver got Christian to start talking about the movies and he did start to calm down. Jennea released the driver to continue on and to write a SIP when she gets back to the yard. (lift)
The passenger was taking his seat belt off repeatedly. The passenger was trying to lean forward to look in another passengers back pack. This passenger like keys and will look for them or take them if seen. I contacted the home and advised of what happened. The operator moved the passenger to a different seat and all issues stopped. There was no report of anything missing from the passengers back pack per the operator.
• Sunset was hopping as usual, with a mix of customers ready for their purchase and folks who were new riders
• The pace was calm enough, though, that we were able to walk new customers through the process as well as letting them know that they should board at the Morrison platform for their return
• Saw a fair amount of Rock’n’Roll Marathoners returning from the race in good spirits, no complaints about service from that morning
• Lloyd also saw steady business on both the eastern and western ends of the platform

WB: Pamela and Beth EB: Billy

• Due to the early shifts to cover the Rock’n’Roll marathon, we had just the three CS for post-event
• With the early afternoon end, crowds were very manageable---some folks probably staying in the neighborhood, some folks opting to wait for a less-crowded train as it was warm and sunny (though there was standing room on trains)
• Thorns victory (2-0) and the crowd (families and older adults) made for an easy-going and well-behaved wrap-up
: Operator stated passenger, Ms. Sunny , was consuming an alcoholic beverage, while in transit. Operator stated he informed Ms. S that alcohol consumption was not allowed on the vehicle and repeatedly had to ask her to stop drinking. Operator stated he had to clean up a small amount of alcohol that spilled on the vehicle floor. Operator stated he opened the vehicle window to let the smell air out before continuing on route. Operator has been reminded to notify Lift Central Dispatch of all qualifying events in which they occur.
Driver reported the customer had an accident and urinated on his seat and the floor of the bus. Driver was able to clean up using supplies provided by staff at the Arista Dr. location. Cleared to continue per Vernetta.
Melinda grabbed a drink out of Cory bag and drank it all . Driver had asked her to put it back but she just looked at him then started drinking it even faster .
Driver reported that Aaron urinated in his pants, it got on the seat and seat belt. Driver had 1 more passenger on the bus to drop off so Jackie ok'd him to continue and to write up a must clean when he gets to the yard.

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