Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Seems over the top to me. Sheesh. I remember hauling that guy with the bucket, never one problem.


always roaming said...

I'm not getting what's going on. Can somebody explain? A guy is attempting to board the bus with a bucket of window washing equipment and not allowed to ride? The the police are called? If the intending passenger hasn't yet boarded, why is it such a concern to the bus driver? The driver then lies and tells the dispatcher --and the police officer-- that the bucket contains some type of hazardous liquid?

I'm not sure what this is all about. Has the driver encountered this passenger before? Is there a history between the driver and this passenger? ...or with the passenger and Trimet?

I'm not understanding. We had a guy where I drove that we called "the bucket man" and he would board ride all over town with two buckets. Sometimes the buckets had junk in them, sometimes they were empty, and sometimes they may have even had a bit of liquid in them but I never had a problem with letting him on the bus. The guy wasn't all there and definitely had mental problems but this guy in the video, although we can't see him, sounds like he's just a regular guy trying to get to a window washing job.

I'm not understanding?


--ho hum

Al M said...

The driver has some sort of problem

Steve Fung said...

Regulars on the #57 referred to Claudine as a monster.The same could be said for Allen.Not only is he a monster, but a disgrace for TriMet and all the other bus operators.He should be put out to pasture.

Goonies said...

So I can ride with my Glock 26, but no dish soap. Got it :)